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  1. Hi, You'll need 25% of your purchase price of your buy to let for your deposit then solicitors and mortgage fees etc and then some some other cash to do it up and then furnishing. Your 12k is a great start and your well on the way to making this a reality but you'll need about 4x that amount from my experience. Heres a senario. house/flat 150k Deposit 37.5 k solicitors fees 1 k = 38.5k 10% ROI is hard to find but not impossible, but 6-8% is more achievable Kind regards
  2. You can have the best strategy and goals in the world but without area knowledge, and by that I mean real time on the ground, looking speaking to people and driving around the streets, and putting time in. I think your gambling with your investment and not taking a calculated and informed risk.
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    Hi My name is Rufus and Ive been a self managing Landlord of houses in Manchester M14 area for the last 20 yrs. I was also a lettings agent in the surrounding south Manchester area although I also ventured into the city centre to rent flats as well. I have very much concentrated on M14 as my area for investment as this is the area that I know the best having bought my very first house in the early 90s there. Happy to answer any M14 or neighbouring area related questions. I don't pretend to know all the answers or have a magic wand but I will do my best to give you informed poin
  4. Hi Jonathan, Ive just joined myself and saw your message and as you mentioned M14 thought that I would let you know my experience of the area. I bought my first house on Horton road in 1993 and since I have bought a number of properties in the surrounding roads. Having a mix of student lets and professional lets. I have only ever bought in this area as its much easier to manage repairs, lettings etc and I have confidence in the area because I know it. I would like to add that I was until last year a lettings agent in and around the area for 15 years If you have any questions a
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