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  1. Hi @ld2x07, I notice nobody has provided you with any recommendations...I work for a London based brokerage, who has access to all of the lenders in the market place and I would be happy to assist if you require any advice. Feel free to send me a message if you are still in need. Best regards Nathan Cole
  2. This is our take on recent news in the mortgage market. Our views are often cited in several national publications, including; BBC News, The Times, Telegraph, City AM, FT Adviser and Daily Mail, as well as a number of key trade publications, so this should keep you ahead of the curve. If you have any questions on any of these stories, or would like further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.



  3. Good afternoon, This is an extremely limited market and it would depend on a number of factors (Nationality, Country of Residence, Income, etc.) but there is certainly a lender who can offer limited company buy to let mortgages to non-UK based foreign nationals. I have done a similar case for Irish nationals based in the US previously, although this was pre-pandemic. If you would like to explore this further, then please do let me know. Happy to talk through the options with you. Best regards Nathan Cole
  4. Hi Nicholas, This is criteria that varies from lender to lender...some will require the property to already be on a Buy to Let mortgage and others are comfortable with the route you suggested. If you would like to discuss this in anymore detail, then please do feel free to get in touch. Happy to talk you through your options. Best regards Nathan Cole
  5. Good afternoon Richard, I split my time between London & the West Midlands and would be happy to arrange a conversation if you require some advice. With regards to the property being a HMO, this all depends on the setup and whether the tenants are on individual tenancy agreements...as some lenders will allow up to 4 tenants on one tenancy agreement for a standard buy to let mortgage. Please feel free to pop me an email with a couple of suitable times to speak. My email address is nathan.cole@privatefinance.co.uk Best regards Nathan Cole
  6. Without knowing your exact circumstances I cannot say for sure...but 4.5% is quite high for a LTD Co. mortgage. This is likely to be down to the fact you are a first time landlord, as there are much better rates available in the market for LTD Co. You are correct that once you already own a BTL/have lettings experience, this can open the market up somewhat for you and alternative lenders should be available. I hope this helpful, but please do reach out if you would like a 2nd opinion, always happy to check you are making the right move. Best regards Nathan Cole
  7. Good morning, I regularly work with expats all over the globe, helping them to secure residential and buy to let mortgages. If you require advice and are still looking for an solution, then I would be happy to arrange a conversation to discuss your options with you? Please let me know your thoughts. Best regards Nathan Cole
  8. Hi @johnprop Without knowing the exact details surrounding your scenario I would not be able to comment on the best route for you. I do regularly work with individuals in similar positions to yourself though and would be happy to arrange a conversation if you would like to discuss your buy to let mortgage in more detail? Please see free to send me an email with a couple of suitable times for your to speak and I will clear my agenda for a discussion. Best regards Nathan Cole
  9. Good afternoon, Thank you for your message and that's no problem at all. My details can be found in my signature below, but you may need to go into your PropertyHub settings first and turn on 'View Signatures'. Just in case this is not possible...my email address is nathan.cole@privatefinance.co.uk I look forward to speaking in the future. Best regards Nathan Cole
  10. Hi @annab There are lenders who are comfortable with lending on sites of 6-7 residential properties and also lending to two extended families...but I would need quite a bit more information before I could suggest any lenders to you. It may be the case that not all of the family members are required on the mortgage application, which would simplify the transaction, but until I know your personal circumstances I could not say. I would be happy to take a look into this for you, please do feel free to send me a message across and we can arrange a suitable time to speak. Best regards Nathan Cole
  11. Hi @Ciaran2 You may be able to proceed down either method mentioned, but clearly it is subject to individual assessment and a full underwrite. For example, would the existing lender providing the 100k be comfortable with you purchasing 4 properties? As some lenders will require simultaneous completion if the funds are being used for an onward BTL purchase. I'd be happy to talk through your scenario in a bit more details if required, please do let me know. Best regards Nathan Cole
  12. Hi Lee, I regularly work with landlords looking to purchase properties via a Ltd Company and would be happy to help if required. Please feel free to send me a message and we can arrange a time to speak. Thanks Nathan Cole
  13. Hi Sarah, I am mortgage broker and split my time between London and the Midlands...I conduct 90% of my meetings over the phone (100% currently!) and do not need to meet clients face to face. Local information is helpful, but ultimately I would be led by the mortgage brokers experience of working with buy to lets and also their access to lenders, as you want to ensure that your broker has access to all of the lenders in the marketplace, rather than a restricted panel of lenders. I hope this information helps you with your search for a mortgage broker and please do feel free to make contact if required, I'd be happy to assist you. Thanks Nathan
  14. Hi @fefee I regularly work with expats all over the globe, many of which are looking to do exactly the same as yourselves (Raising finance on their UK property, to contribute towards an onward overseas purchase). In terms of expat mortgages, the interest rates are generally a little higher than standard UK rates, but I would not say they are 'very costly'. In fact there is one lender in the market who can offer standard UK mortgage rates to expats, although whether you would meet their criteria is subject to individual assessment. Please do let me know if you would like a helping hand, always happy to arrange a conversation and discuss the options with you. Thank you for your time. Best regards Nathan Cole