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  1. Yes I still have the properties but I cannot easily estimate their value given the constant battle with the agency and their frequent changes in personnel. Whilst I don't disagree with principle of landlord licenses I do find it an expensive burden. Thus I shall wait until the issue becomes clear before deciding whether to sell up or stay and in the latter case I'll change the agency .
  2. If I might add a word to the discussion, having lived abroad for some time I bought a couple of apartments in Liverpool for initial investment and a future return to roots. Not a happy experience. First construction companies often go bust although those involved can apparently re-surface with impunity within weeks and start again. Second some letting agencies take their fees but fail to fulfil the service. I’ve lost several thousand pounds in rent for which the agency denies responsibility. Third, the return on investment. As a non-resident NRL tax is 20% of rental income. A sizeable chunk which was not mentioned when I made the arrangement. (OK my fault I should have dug deeper!) Add to that the ‘Landlord’s license’ of which much has already been said there’s not much left. To add insult to injury the last agency did not pass on the licence money to the Liverpool authority before going bust. Are these issues specific to Liverpool? You decide.
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