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  1. Lodgers rights differ greatly from renters on an AST. You are well within your rights to change the locks after warning has been given. A week is more than enough.
  2. Hi all I have planning permission to split a 4 bed 2 storey semi into two properties (one three bed mid terrace and one 2 bed end terrace) I have taken ownership of the property and will need finance to do the split and a full refurb, will need to go back to brick. My question is what is the best way to progress to be able to borrow off both properties with a BTL. Do I need to split the title, can someone recommend what exactly need to be done? Does anyone have any experience in these matters, I will need to refinance both properties asap. There is no mortgage on the p
  3. Hi Debbie Thank you for the response. I am inheriting my late mothers property, I wish to put it into a Ltd company instead of in of my name, will this incur SDLT, or can the Ltd company make use of my inheritance allowance?
  4. Hi Debbie The Deed of Variation can be done with ease, I have the grant of probate to deal with the estate. Can the SPV make use of my IHT allowance and not pay the stamp duty? Thank you
  5. Thank I did have a read of this earlier, but it wasnt too clear.
  6. Hi Conrad, Thank you for the info I will look into the link and update you.
  7. Hello All I am new to this forum and new to property per se. My Mother passed away last year, she jointly owned some properties with my father which will transfer to him. She owned one property with a mortgage in her own name. I am due to inherit this and intend to get a BTL mortgage to cover existing mortgage and give cash to my father, there will be no IHT to pay as the equity is below the threshold. I would like to set up a LTD co and use it as SPV, is there a way to avoid the SDLT, can I transfer my IHT allowance somehow? Thank you in advance
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