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  1. Thanks DO for your response on this. Yes that was my plan, then I came across this and started to over think the whole thing. So I will revert to what I had planned from the beginning and keep it simple. Thanks again !!
  2. Hi All, I have just engaged with an accountant to start the process of creating an LTD with myself and my wife as directors. We are investing from abroad and looking at Single Buy to lets and a possible HMO to balance cash flow. In my research I have read the following; "Following the introduction of the Companies Act 2006 it is now also a legal requirement to display your company’s registered office address on any electronic communications and on your company websites The new laws also require that your registered office address and company details are recorded on your email correspondence. The latest legislation requires that the following information is shown- The company’s place of registration and the number with which it is registered, The address of its registered office, In the case of an investment company, the fact that it is such a company, and In the case of a limited company exempt from the obligation to use the word "limited" as part of its name, the fact that it is a limited company should be clearly stated." My questions are as following. Do you all have an email address specifically for your company? Did you just create a Gmail / Outlook account or purchase domain + email through a provider? And does your email have end to end encryption? In addition to the above, what have you done around GDPR. Sorry for all the questions, I just want to setup properly from the get go to avoid later consequences. Thanks in advance, Martin
  3. Hi All, Hope you are all well this Sunday morning. Just wondering if any expats here could give me an indication of what they get charged for the accounting services of 3 properties. Your companies name plate display and use of your accounts address as your companies registered address. I'm just looking for guide lines here if any one is willing to share. Thank you in advance,
  4. Hi, your post interests me, did you manage to secure a mortgage in the end? What broker did you use? and is it necessary that the lender knows you purchased through property club? Many thanks, Martin
  5. Hi All, I have a lot of respect and am a great fan of this gentleman, a very interesting interview with great insight. I'm not Scottish but the Scottish should be very proud of that this guy, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3s6pzmmvEg
  6. Hi All, I'm new to Property Hub and stumbled across it via the podcast. Although I have investment properties already + my home across 3 different European countries, until I came across the two Robs I have just realised I was investing the wrong way. I have been using traditional mortgage for my investment properties. So a big shout out to the Robs for all there free advice and education, its truly appreciated. So now that I have discovered how to invest in property, I realised that not all countries do buy to let mortgages like the UK do. So therefore my choices for investing in property through leveraging with interest only mortgages appears to be in the UK. My main concerns are around what Brexit might bring for non UK nationals. Although I'm of the opinion that nothing major will change as there is a lot to loose on both sides, but then I could be wrong. The most recent budget passed sees an increase to SDLT by 2% from April 2021, is this just the start for foreign investors or will The UK government be happy to see foreigners pour money into the UK economy and delay or never impose this additional charge? And the other is with regards the currency, the British pound. I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on whether the pound will always remain strong against the Euro, the currency I earn my salary in and which one day I would probably convert FX my property income into? I was looking to start by investing for capital growth over income for the long term, 10 years or more, but aiming for 10 years to allow ourselves options at that point to pivot our lives' if we so wish. So I'm starting with a descent cash deposit in Euro and was wondering if I should convert to £'s now that the its at circa 1/1.10 to invest when opportunity arises and when it becomes clear the damage Covid 19 has left behind. I would be happy to hear anyone's thoughts on what I have just mentioned. Thank you in advance, stay safe and at home :-) MD