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  1. Looking for a commercial mortgage broker. 3 unencumbered properties - Circa £3.5m - already own them. Mixed use. Anybody used anyone good? Please let me know - email also darren at bpitrust.com
  2. Hi - interested on how a full refurbish is costing you so little. Clearly depends what your doing but ours are higher than this at present - more like £20k.
  3. I am actively investing in Nottingham and I can say those areas are great although your now looking at £170k-£200k. That said your rents are higher too. Rental demand is more than good - it is MENTAL in those areas. You will rent them.
  4. Could be because he is home working too - thus office expenses even if your home are allowed etc.
  5. I am currently using MAGNET and get good discounts so a full kitchen 12-14 units with cooker/oven/hob and sink/taps etc is around £2k-£2.4k for their Tatton range + VAT. But I am looking for alternatives and would love your experiences and average pricing from: - Howdens - Ikea Any others??
  6. Looking for some resources which will help me understand the details and complications with HMO properties. My understanding thus far: - 1-2 people in a property would be under normal AST - 3 people in a property with TWO of the 3 from related and the other unrelated would be normal AST's - 3-4 people would be "additional licensing" HMO (Nottingham council) - 5 or more would be full HMO Licensing across the UK Bedroom size minimum would be: 6.51m2 for one person over 10 years old They don't all need on-suites they can share the facilities if required. Room
  7. Great feedback. We have one at the moment that is Multi-unit property, at least I assume it is because we bought the Freehold in one go for the property. We are not lending so this might be the best way to go? Any idea of the add on cost to a standard 3 bed high quality semi refurb. Let's say that is £30k, then are we saying £15k on top for building regulation requirements and all the things needed for 2 seperate units?
  8. I had a squatter from day one. Bought a property and they refused to move out - said they had not found another place and didn't have the money to do so. I offered for them to rent it while they could find a place - but nope - no money for that either. LUCKILY there was a delay on the transfer of funds to them for the completion and the Solicitors (their side) managed to stop the funds. So she moved out the next day!
  9. Anybody done this? Any advice or idea on costs to take a traditional SEMI and split it? Properties are near an hospital and are huge - so would achieve better rents this way and rent easily. However no idea on costs so any guidance appreciated.
  10. Hi everyone, We are moving now into Commercial and I would really love your advice: 1.) How do you find comparables of properties SOLD and what they SOLD for - is there anything like we have for Resi properties? 2.) If comparables are difficult how do you value what a building would be worth if VACANT? E.G the actual value of the building and potential for it to be tennanted? 3.) Any professionals you can pay to help with the above? Looking at a couple of investments £1m+ so want to be sure. Thanks!
  11. Could you ping me the details of the company please to darren@bpitrust.com
  12. Buying 12 properties in one go and thinking it would be a relative doddle to refurbish them all..... Boy I was wrong!!
  13. Now? With the unknowns on CGT, the issues with owning property in your own name rather than a company, the high sale price at the moment et al - if you would consider selling your property portfolio then I would be interested to discuss buying. We are interested in purchasing portfolios in Nottingham – our typical portfolio purchase size is £1-£2m but we do have funds readily available for up to £5m. Attached is our typical offer letter with our identification. Areas we like are Carlton, Arnold, Netherfield, Gedling, Clifton, Long Eaton, Sherwood but we would consider propertie
  14. I am looking to diversify the portfolio a bit and buy 2-5 new properties on a new development. Having not done this before can someone point me in the direction of how I can see what developers are developing in my area (Nottingham). Houses rather than flats - personal preference. Any advice also appreciated :-) Thanks!
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