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  1. Thanks Richard, it is hard to choose. My strategy is that I want to quit my job in 10 - 15 years and need to know the most tax efficient and profitable way of doing this. It’s certainly isn’t cut and dry either way, and a good accountant wants to charge me well over £500 to even have a discussion.
  2. I think this post from EvolutionBlogger is key, that you can “pay yourself” back any loan you give the company. So by my understanding using his example - even if it takes many years, you can take that 100k back completely tax free in bite size chunks. £1000 per month would take over 8 years to repay, and in that time you’ve paid no dividend tax or income tax, only corporation tax at 19%. ....although I’m only paying basic tax rate of 20%, and would take another 4 or 5 properties to bump me into the 40% tax band. Also, his point about the laptop as a business expense - unl
  3. Hi All, Everyone seems to have differing opinions so any advice would be great! I am a special case, hopefully you can help. I am a Seafarer therefore all of my income is earned outside of the UK and qualifies for 100% tax relief, providing I spend a certain amount of time outside of the UK. I live in the UK with my wife who at the moment does not earn a substantial salary (baby on the way). She is training to become a professional so may earn a substantial salary in the UK in the future if this makes any difference to your answer. My job is very fickle and I could los
  4. Hi, My mother has a mortgage free rental property worth 200k, that she would like to gift to me. I have a rental property worth 250k. My wife has a rental property worth 350k. Our income combined with the income from these properties fall within the basic tax rate. I plan to buy further investment properties in the future, therefore created a Ltd company seems the best way forward. (If only I’d started listening to The Property Podcast when we first started investing). Is it possible for my mother to gift this property to my Ltd company? Or sell it to the company for
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