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  1. I think I shall be making an appointment with a mortgage advisor next week hopefully to get things going as I have a good deposit from inheritance so could get a mortgage then make an offer.
  2. He does understand it would be longer than 6 months. I may just go down the route of mortgage anyway due to me actually wanting to live in it, just thought it would appeal to the seller as a cash buyer. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Hi all, I have recently found a property that I would like to purchase to live in but to a cash buyer and be more appealing to the seller my uncle said he could loan me the money but would need the money back into his business which I was planning to get a mortgage after 6 months - a year of having the property so I would only be paying 3% interest max on the loan. Would I be able to then get a mortgage to pay off the loan he is giving me, if so how would this work? Should I be speaking to an advisor? Thanks in advance, James.
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