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  1. Hey, I am looking to open business bank account, Can I ask why you don't use highstreet banks, Natwest for example?
  2. For a novice property investor like myself, property networking is essential. As there are not many about at the moment, are there any investors who would be up for a chat about property over a drink. Anywhere in Manchester is good for me. Cheers, Alex
  3. Hi Matt, Im looking to live in Manchester, however for investing, we have different areas on the table. We hope to travel up soon as we feel possible, to scoop out some areas. When we do, it would be good to know someone local so we're be in touch.
  4. Over the past 7 months, after inheriting a property and realising that for me to achieve what I want in life and to be able to support those around me, I need to make some money. I have been absorbing everything property related which I found relevant and was fascinated by the prospect of what I could achieve if of course, I put in the work. Curtis who is a good friend and also a co-investor in Alison's, which is the businesses name for our property investments, have planned out what our goals are and what strategy we need to adopt to obtain them. We have no practical experience in buying any property investment but we have the confidence of all the books, videos and conversations we have consumed. We both aim for big projects, however, we want to learn the ropes, test the waters and start safely and with confidence. I will be taking this on as a full-time occupation whilst Curtis will be working in construction management, I am also planning to relocate to the North-West of England as investing in Brighton where I currently live in not plausible. All in we both have £350k and the plan is to start small and work our way up, holding properties for the cash flow, while hoping to refinance and move on to bigger projects. We have discussed all different strategies and as I will be taking it on full time and that Curtis has experience in developing, we look to buy properties that need refurbishments to then refinance and pull out some of our invested cash following it being rented as a HMO. The position we're in now is similar to you. We are itchy to get started. After today, seeing agents go back to work and the market looking more hopeful, we may be able to turn this idea into something tangible.
  5. Thanks Simon, I am booked for a call at 2.40pm tomorrow. Many thanks, Alex
  6. Many thanks Derek, I will happily take the recommendation as I have seen yourself posting many times, good reliable content. What do you do in the industry? Alex
  7. Hey Nathan, Thanks for the advice. Who do you work for? I am looking to remortgage a property I own. Cheers.
  8. Hi all, Hope this finds you well, I have been in the process of remortgaging, so have been speaking with different brokers to get comparable rates. Spoke with a firm called Charles Louis yesterday and wanted to know if anyone had used them and what they were like? Cheers.
  9. Hey Derek Very much appreciated, All the best Alex
  10. Hello all, Hope this finds you well. I am doing some research into a area and I want to know if there is any local developments and employers locally. This is not somewhere I can get to right now, so is there any online platforms I can use? I know about the city councils website, but if there are any others, I would much appreciate to know about them. Many thanks.
  11. Good evening Alvin, many thanks for your response. I will try to explain my situation the best I can. I inherited a property which is mortgage free around 14 months ago and the plan is to remortgage, pull out as much cash as possible and alongside some savings get on the ladder. My business partner who is currently finishing his studies in construction management has some savings. The plan is to play it smart and safe and start in standard vanilla BTLs, from there we will move into different strategies where we see fits best. I take your advice and I will like to speak to as many specialists as possible to get proper advice. Can you recommend? I have all the time to put into this as I work part-time at the moment. Also, my partner and I are basic rates payer. My concerns and questions are: What SPV should we use? I know about Limited companies, however, we want to use the income straight away and I know I will have to pay double tax if we withdraw money through dividends. How best can I protect myself and my money? I know about shareholders agreements, but what kind of protection will this give. I am guessing speaking to a property solicitor would fit best. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Cheers Alex
  12. For sure. What about a property price crash? Can you see one coming in the short/medium-term?
  13. Hello, Hope you are well and healthy. My question is about remortgaging my rental property now. I was planning on remortgaging this summer, however, with the recent crisis, should I consider doing it sooner than later. I am remortgaging to further invest. Many thanks for your advice.