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  1. I was going to say around 60% so the guys above saying 50% is roughly in the same ball park. It's a good point raised by Julia about your stage of investment, at the start you'll probably be around 75 ish, slowly move down as long as you arent over ambitious and constantly remortgage the full money available. Of course you can be aggressive and do this but it runs more of a risk. As I go further along I'll be happy to see myself at the 50% mark too, under this and you arent gaining as quickly and safely as poss, and over this you always have a risk of ruin. IMO.
  2. Just listened to the first episode of AOB and will be listening to the second one shortly. Love the honesty. I cant wait to hear more episodes and see where this podcast goes. I just wondered, does anyone on here have a non property business and if so what are some fundamentals /basic advice they would give? I ask because my intention is to start one next year.
  3. I'd still pursue the money. Never say never. You just need to find the right leverage. She was protected from the eviction due to covid, so the use of eviction as leverage wont have held much weight. However she will have to live somewhere, you could advise that you'll let the local agents and council know of their track record and provide a bad reference in advance unless she settles the debt, start high then work down when it comes to negotiating. Dont assume she cant clear it or wont pay because she didn't before. You can do a money claim online but how fruitful this would be I d
  4. Firstly dont count your chickens just yet. Advise that you'll be up early on 19th so you can get her to sign that she is leaving, wont return, is giving up the tenancy and anything left in the property can be disposed of (called a disclaimer) Arrange for a lock change to be done on the doors. Ensure you only enter the property once shes signed so you arent trespassing. Ensure all windows are locked on the inside. Be pragmatic. Ask for a forwarding address and discuss a former tenant arrears plan. If you can keep it out of court this will save you money, time and stress. Be
  5. I'm back again, with my nerdy posts. I'm looking to set up a limited company in the near future (a non property related one) and I just wondered if anyone could point me in the direction of a book that talks you through how it's done? A bit of a step by step process... Another interest of mine is emotional intelligence, could anyone recommend a good book on it? Thank you
  6. You can put individuals in court, providing you've served the correct notice. If arrears exceed 12 months you get a priority hearing, but based on the above I dont think that's the case here. You can still do evictions too, where arrears exceed 9 month gross you can evict outside the usual banning rules. The drawback is if you've not served the legal docs to put someone in court you are waiting a long time to go through the process. Arrears over 6 months gross allows you to serve a 4 week notice. I know I speak about notices instead of sections but thats because I work in the socia
  7. Hi, Thanks to some conversations on here I now understand SIC codes. My question is, I understand you can have up to 4 SIC codes? Can I use a SIC code for BTLs and another one for a training company? I basically want to start investing using a LTD, but I'm also wanting to start a training company (non property related) and want to submit one set of books, rather than multiple. Thank you
  8. Hi, Quick one. Does a broker automatically have the ability to do mortgages for Ltd's or are they separate to how they're done in someone's personal name? Thank you
  9. Hi, I know this is a primarily residential site but I wondered if anyone had strayed in to commercial property and if anyone wanted to share their experiences with it? Cheers
  10. I can vouch for the recommendation. David recommended it to me, and even with little prior knowledge I could still understand the vast majority...and most importantly...it helped me decide.
  11. Thank you, David. I've read all of Rob's books, including the one above and I must say I did really enjoy it.
  12. Thanks David. I've bought both your recommendations so far, the tax cafe one and this one. I'll have a look for those mentioned within. Believe it or not I had to shop around for this because the first few sites had all sold out, and I ended up getting it from a charity shop (online)
  13. I've had some cracking recommendations for books and Netfkix programmes so far on here. I'm halfway through Planet Property, and I only received it Monday. Does anyone else have any books they would recommend based on the residential aspect of the last 20 years, to accompany the commercial aspect I'm currently reading? Thank you
  14. Wow. What a graph that is!! I'm starting to rethink my strategy!
  15. I've just spoken to my partner who used to work for an energy company. She said she has never heard of that agreement you referenced. She said fill in an online form saying you are now the bill payer and provide a forwarding address for the tenant, then just go and change the supplier online. To be fair thats what I have done previously too. In respect of key meters. You can go in to debt with them. They dont usually let you rack up a lot of debt though. Swapping from key meter to a non key meter isnt usually a massive job. They usually put you on a key meter if you're in debt,
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