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  1. Interesting piece in the financial times about how much savings as a percentage of GDP per country has increased too. The UK being second highest with around 10%... in on year... crazy. No wonder assets are increasing in value.
  2. You just need to increase it by giving written confirmation of the new amount like you would anyone else. It's the DWP who pay UC not the Council. The tenant will need to report a change in circumstances on their journal/portal with the new amount and the date it is effective from. They can take a picture of the letter and upload it. Theyll pay in line with local housing allowance rates. They may ask you to verify the costs submitted and would likely to do so via email.
  3. Has anyone noticed the amount of information being written on why the property market won't crash this time? I've no idea why people always say it will be different this time: it can't bust, the government won't let, interest rates and QE mean it can't fail. Is this not worth using the infamous "be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful". I'm thinking it will last 2 to 3 years before it goes pop. The valuations and sales agreed prices have just gone through the roof, why would anyone think this is a sustainable?
  4. This is a bit like complaining that you are too rich or too good looking... there is no problem here. He he. It sounds like a perfect scenario and the dream tenants to me. Make the most of it. No perceived problems here, as long as the work is done to a good standard then you are on to a winner.
  5. @david slater might be able to give you some pointers.
  6. Hi, I just wondered what peoples experiences were of hiring tradesman online I.e. trust a trader. I'm always struggling for reliable plumbers and i wondered what general experiences were and how trustworthy the reviews were.
  7. Hi, How did you get the mortgage fee to £100? Would that work out at circa 1.78%? I doubt it would be that for a 75%LTV and a ltd company would it? Also some people factor in void period at 1 month per year. Also are you submitting the returns yourself or getting an accountant, because I cant see the accountancy fees factored in. Other than that it seems fine to me.
  8. Used howdens a few times and never had a problem. Good quality. Decent price. Can't fault them. Used B and Q once...will definitely be the only time too. I went based on price... yeah the old saying you get what you pay for is very true. Also if you have a problem it takes an eternity to sort anything with them.
  9. A house is 'worth' what someone will pay so if it on for 135 but you have a few people willing to offer 145 then 145 is it's worth, irrespective of what it has been valued at. So don't be put off too much by paying over. Also as mentioned if you hold for the long term it matters even less, because inflation will make that extra money you spent, seem irrelevant in X amount of years time. How often do you look back at something valued at 100k now valued at 200k, if someone paid 110k, do you think they are crying in to their cornflakes 10 years later? A couple of other considerations I think
  10. Hi Luke That would be a really conservative yield. How did you cost the 33.8k?
  11. I'm the same as above.. without wanting to sound like a broken record. Void periods are really expensive not just in terms of no rent but also the checks and maintenance you need to do before it can be re let... for the sake of say 25 to 35 a month I dont risk it... I generally amend the rent when it is re let, I evidently could get more because the most recent one saw it re let at 20% more than I was getting previously... but it comes down to preferences on your side really.
  12. Just to add to this - the gas and electric certs will be requested prior to sale by the solicitors but I don't believe it will hold it up if they arent provided. Take it from someone who has learnt the hard way - make sure you insist on seeing them before agreeing to complete and I would also recommend getting them done yourself to be on the safe side, I know it may cost a couple of hundred but it will be worth it for peace of mind and to avoid inheriting any unexpected problems.
  13. Ans just to make it more interesting I might be starting a new job...
  14. Hi, I remortgaged a house last year, the tenants have given notice, and I'm thinking of selling it, buying a new residential and amending my current residential to a buy to let. I'm just getting a few checks on CGT from my accountant. Would it go against me because I'm paying my mortgage off early if I go to get another.
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