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  1. I would say keep listening to this podcast and educating yourself on all things property and business. I started listening to the property hub when it started which gave me the knowledge to invest in Manchester back in 2015. The first property came with a tenant in situ, earning 8% from day one and only a £20k deposit (understandably prices have changed). That flat has not seen one void day and I have benefitted from both rental and valuation growth. Since then the portfolio has snowballed into financial freedom, so the moral of the story is to understand what you are investing in and take act
  2. Hi Harris Its good to hear that you have gotten through the procrastination stage and are now keen to take action. You touched on education and a key point to remember is that education never stops. But as you will know thinking you're not ready and need more education can lead to more procrastination. I also live in London and invest in Manchester and wanted to point out that yes a sourcer can help being that short cut to a great deal just like paying for any specialist service. But there are great deals to be found on Rightmove and Zoopla for free just l
  3. Hi All My names John and I have been a silent listener of The Property Hub podcast and reader of the forum for a few years now and I need to introduce myself! I live and work full time in London in a field unrelated to property but like most on here I have a passion which gets me consuming anything property related. I'm 31 years old and got my first step on the ladder 7 years ago purchasing a residential property for myself here in London. Since then I have invested in a vanilla BTL in Manchester which delivers a decent passive income yielding 8% whilst being fully managed. However thro
  4. Hi Jamie I too live in the Enfield area and consider myself new to property. With one residential and a BTL under my belt. I am currently looking at my next purchase being a HMO but as I educate myself I'm always looking at growing my network of likeminded people especially where I can learn. If you attend meet ups or are willing to share any knowledge you've built in your 20 years in property I'd be very grateful. Thanks John
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