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  1. Hi James, Good luck with your hunting! I know how hard it can be to source good tradesmen and therefore personal recommendations for me from this neck of the woods are: Rick from QPS plastering services. Does an excellent job, turns up on time and does a full days graft. His website is http://www.qualityplasteringservices.co.uk/ and his contact number is 07865 668116 Mick from MABuilding Services. Again did a quality job with some of our renovation, quickly and to a high standard. His contact number is 07782 849422. Keith from KS Building Services. Keith is a time served and excellent
  2. Hi Elaine, Welcome to the forum and I can share my 'findings' to date with you and the rest of the community! We have started our journey and have 1 BTL property that was financed jointly between my wife and I and her parents which was a repo and needed a level of refurb. The property has now been let for 7 months and we have a very good tenant who looks after the house really well so we are very fortunate but I do believe massively in treating people how I would want to be treated - therefore when she contacts us due to a problem I try and call round same day and either resolve it or
  3. Spot on Rob, I couldn't agree more. My experience is that one of you should take the lead and the others are effectively silent partners. 3 people trying to make a decision will give you 6 different answers! If you can do it on your own then that's the best advice I could give you - best of luck!!
  4. Hi, Many thanks for the welcome i received on my intro post!! As mentioned I need some advice please on how to set up our first Landlord agreement / structure. So we have our first BTL property and we have been fortunate to finance it as a cash buy by pooling together funds from myself and Wife and my Wifes parents. We are now about to Let it out but I am wondering who is the actual landlord from a tenancy agreement perspective?? Legally we each own 25% of the property so that is where i am a little confused and I may be over complicating it?? Or should we set up a new company and
  5. Hi all, Great to see the Property Hub up and running and loads of great posts already So a bit about me... My name is Jason and I had the same feeling most do one morning when mid life is creeping up from behind, you wake up and it suddenly starts to hit home that if i don't take action soon I will be in this rat race forever and it probably will be forever as i don't have a private pension or any other investment vehicles. So the education period began and I found the Property Podcast and other good podcasts such as the Meaningful Money Podcast and in conjunction with these I read a
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