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  1. If you are struggling to find an investment area, you could pick a couple of broad areas like Peterborough (ideally not too far from you like others have said) and speak to some letting agents. They see properties all the time and if they are good and have been in the game for a while will know their areas inside out. Just say you are looking to invest in the area, give them an outline budget in terms of property value, and ask whether there are any areas which are in high demand and would make a good investment. You can even ask them about specific streets, postcodes, etc or even get them to
  2. If I were you, I would snap it up, maybe spice it up a little bit to make it look a bit better (a bit of paint, maybe new flooring, etc) and take it straight to the sales market to bag the profit if you're confident in the market value. Maybe ring up some local agents to get some guidance on that but reserve some scepticism as they may overvalue. Valuers can be very wary at the moment even though sales are strong and I've heard of lots of down valuations recently. Lack of comparables and no value added would just give them an excuse to not move the value upwards. BTL can then be an alter
  3. I completely agree for properties with small refurb required where as you say - cash in the pocket is king at the end of the day. Qualitative assessment is huge too - there are so many properties in my area that can look great on paper with yields of 12%+ but are in bad areas with no historic capital growth (or even the opposite). The type of property and tenant you could get would also mean higher maintenance costs and potentially higher voids which could easily wipe out most if not all profits like you said earlier. Then if prices continue to fall you could end up having to put money in when
  4. The cashflow bit is very true and I'm still thinking about a target figure. My existing property gives me net £375 a month before maintenance which is great. However, I have lots of cash tied up in it which is not ideal and realise those figures may not be possible on every deal. What is your cashflow target? As for metrics - I'm looking at establishing just 2-3 core target metrics to assist me in making more informed decisions. And I totally get what you're saying on eliminating properties. That is why I'm trying to properly think about what really matters and what is just noise that may
  5. Thanks Chaz - this is really useful. When I first started I was obsessed about yield and ROI and now (after learning more) I have pivoted away from yield almost entirely and towards uplift in value as well. I guess it doesn't really matter what the yield is if you have minimal cash left in the deal and it's giving you great ROI and a healthy cashflow after taking into account maintenance and potential rate increases. It doesn't look like base rate increases are going to be a thing for a while but with property we should be thinking very long term. I attended a webinar by the Bank of
  6. Thanks Nicko - that's a good spot I will change the original file later today when I get back to my personal PC. I am mainly looking at BRRs and flips at the moment and thought I would put the BTL exit section (if you can call it an exit) pretty quickly to help any investors looking at more straight-forward deals. I guess it shows I haven't tested this part of it so I really appreciate you doing it Thanks, Damyan
  7. Thank you and I hope you've found it useful - please let me know the outcome if you do end up doing some historical analysis. Can I just ask - when you say 10% / 10-15k in the deal is that 10% of cash invested or 10% of the total investment including initial financing (that's if you use any financing at all)? It's funny - I viewed a property in need of full back-to-brick refurb yesterday and it was crazy - it was the 3rd day it had been on the market and the agents had 20+ investors lined up for viewings with some 'no see' offers in already as well. Housing stock is so low that everyone i
  8. I know - that's the best thing about a good analyser and it has really helped me clarify my strategy, target area, etc. Do you have any criteria you don't go below? E.g. minimum 15% ROI?
  9. This is my first post here and I thought I would do a couple of things. 1. I would be really interested in hearing about people's deal criteria in terms of ROI, Yield, cash left in the deal or whatever it may be! I have 1 BTL in the North East so far which I bought in mid 2020 and is nothing spectacular but is generating me a healthy 23% ROI. I didn't know that much about different strategies etc so didn't even think about pulling my cash out even though I got it BMV and managed to add value. I have done a lot of reading and research since then and I am trying to set up my own deal c
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