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  1. Hi Trying to work out the most efficient way to pay stamp duty on a residential property. I have a buy to let 50/50 with the wife and she has another. If she bought me out on the 50/50 would that leave me free to buy stamp duty at the reduced rate? Would she have to pay stamp duty on that 50% or the whole amount? cheers
  2. Good afternoon I had a question regarding capital gains allowances. I am a higher tax payer, but my wife is on a lower band. I am buying a property with which I'd hope in the next few years I'll be able to take out £22000ish (2 peoples CGT allowances). If the mortgage was placed in my wife's name only (for income tax reasons), and I put my self on the mortgage nearer the selling time ( to get two CGT allowances) would I be subject to paying stamp duty again? On the other hand, if I placed myself on the mortgage now but owned say 10% o
  3. Hi This is my first posting into this forum and I'm excited to be here. I have been planning to invest in property for while now, but because I am self employed I have been waiting for my second years accounts which are now ready. During this long wait the tax relief rules are now subject to change - just my luck! I have been busy doing my calculations to see if it is still worth my while investing and would appreciate any correction, or costs I may have missed during my calculations. I am in the higher bracket (40%) tax rate due to my day job. OK, here we go: All of these f
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