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  1. Its definitely not a one size fits all scenario and some huge variances and for one person "whats not worth it" is a great investment for another; My situation / observations are; S&S isa's are a good tax free (up to 20k) investment, especially if you compound the interest year on year. @nicholas_b you can pick funds via a broker like Hargreaves Landsdowne or invest in a fund directly like I do with Fundsmith for example. tax on property surely depends how it is set up. Ltd company 20% but naturally you will pay dividend tax when you exit the cash. We have properties listed
  2. What do you think about trying to do both? I’m putting the money from property yield into S&S isa, one focused on US and the other focused on ftse. Should multiply the yield fingers crossed. agree though, my S&S ISA is 14% up this year and that didn’t need a repaint, couple of new radiators and a tenant find fee!! Out of interest, how many properties / how much (roughly) do you make out of property for it still to be “not as worth it”?
  3. Yeah it’s crazy. I’ve got 2 x places in Gedling and 1 in netherifield. Had a tenant sorted before I’d even completed buying one of the places I bought in lockdown. I personally still think the returns will be strong for compliant, epc C, we’ll managed single private let’s buy my comparison is all about the now etc and not based on what it used to be like or the good old days. As a young early stage investor, I am seeing a lot of landlords selling up with historic properties who just don’t have the appetite or energy to pivot towards newer, better epc’d properties so they are cashing
  4. Even I'm blown away by how in demand rental properties are at the moment. i re-listed a property of mine yesterday, agent did a video show round and sent that out to prospective tenants. Today, I've had 5 applications through at the listed rent , with 2 of them happy to pay 6 months rent upfront. 4 out of the 5 are good tenants as well. Rent has increased more than 10% since Jan 21. Is this the new norm...what are peoples thoughts? Huge shortage of rental stock atm clearly, but also alot of people happy to pay the going rate or above to secure somewhere very strange marke
  5. Ok thanks. Yes naturally it’s something I’d want to consider in the future but maybe need to get my single leg portfolio pumping first and use the funds generated in the future to look at a hmo investment maybe.
  6. What I’ll say is more likely you will look back in 5 years I think you should have done x y and z which ever you choose. I fixed into 5 years on one property last year , good rate, right move. Also fixed into another property last year5 years, good rate, now I want to remortgage that at the early repayment fees are massive. I went long due to COVID and concerns about interest rates and the market. flip side is if I had gone 2 years and the market was on its backside I would have wished I did 5 years . do what makes sense at the time with the foresight you have. If things ch
  7. Found this thread and interesting to see what others are doing. I've run out of disposable cash for investments however have a potential of market deal in the pipeline. my residential property is at 60% LTV and would like to take it back up to 75% however stuck a bit really was the early repayment charge is 5% of the outstanding balance so would be £9000! I only want to pull out 45k, however 20% of this would straight away get spent on an early repayment charge! I'm with a building society and I can just see them being a bit of a pain with extending it as it was like a criminal investiga
  8. I’ve three single let’s, one which I have refurbed and re-financed and two that I have purchased off the back of this. the first is a bit of a problem child, yield is good but it’s an old house, problem needs a new roof in the next 5 years and has ongoing damp/cold issues with a little extension that was added years and years ago clearly outside of building regs!! im looking to shift this if i can and off the back of this with some other funds will prob have about £50k to invest. im looking to push my income over the next 12-24 months and am interested in the HMO model.
  9. Hi all, Has anyone got experience of extending their residential mortgage to fund an investment purchase, but with the extra amount on an interest only basis? house value is £300k, current mortgage balance about £175k. Would want to borrow about £40k. also, anyone who has successfully taken money out of their home property for investment out here? im out of investable funds for now, however may have an off market deal on the horizon so just thinking of my options. Would probably look to do this one in a ltd company, have 3 x personals and thinking about tax impre
  10. I’m not sure what you are asking, however I would check out the location yourself. calverton just like any area in any country probably has good and bad, so depends on what you are looking for and your expectations. Also Nottingham as a small city and area, however very different between east and west , north and south
  11. that said, we have made the decision that we wont be moving in the future and have chosen to invest spare funds in 2 couple of extra properties, I guess leveraging out of our home is not massively dis-similar to using savings. mortgage is about £175k, house value about 300k , so could finance up to 70/75% ltv and bridge for a refurb if needed
  12. yes i've always been against the idea of using money out of my residential property to fund investments so bit of a mindset thing on that!
  13. sorry, I wasnt saying the quote went down to £3.8k from £4k . The quote from the outside was £3,800 even with me removing the stuff. Yeah I know its one of those things, always very easy to say "its just", or "could you quickly" but i know these guys understand the work that actually needs to be done, its just more than I thought however as you say, could be me having expectations way off as well! Extractor fan 100% , first house I become an accidental landlord on didnt have one, i never fitted one and then paid the price years later. First thing I do these days is EICR test and ge
  14. Hi, Yes understand the variables could be massive. A lot of the plumping is already concealed, just the waste pipe from the toilet that is on show however as you have mentioned, not sure my tenants will be bothered with that , the shower is already in place (electric) just needs replacing like for like, the rest is installing new toilet , sink and bath, panels around the bath and shower area, tiles for splash back on sink then vinyl on the floor. I even offered to, once the plumbing was disconnected, to remove and dispose of the existing suite and tiles myself to save on cost , the q
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