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  1. Yeah I can see how all of that can / has happened, and yes dont worry having watched some of the testimonials and reviews its clear some of the people that have attended could have saved that money and used free resources. I guess I am missing that network more than anything so would be interested to know if / how any others have got to know people who have complementary ambitions that you can learn / share ideas with
  2. Through reading and listening my perception is that it seems to open doors, networks, like minded people which is something I'm really struggling with. Pretty certain some people would look at my position and think thats ok, reality is I feel stuck and need some more advice / vision to help me continue to grow rather than just doing the slow burn re-financing every 3-5 years I do understand however that alot if not most of these will be pushing the basics which I feel I know now , so its one to be careful about
  3. Does anyone here have positive experience of working with a mastermind or investing in their property education? I have 3 x properties, about 150k capital employed and am struggling to get in the place where I am going to take the next step. my properties are on 5 year fixed, I've made some marginal gains on these places however its realistically a few years till I can re-finance to scale. I have undertaken a lot of self education to get to this point. Non of my friends / colleagues are invested in property or have ambition. I have listened to quite a few investors (ellie mckay, paul mcfadden, jamie york, ethical property investing etc) and they all rave about the amount of time and money they have spent on education which seems to have upped the anti
  4. Hi all, Can anyone tell me how to manage GDPR if self managing? I understand about using the privacy notice, however do I need to register with the ICO and pay for this? Thanks
  5. ha well as long term as they may / may not / could be :0). Tenants who have a long term track record of renting locally (next door!), kids in the local school , jobs locally etc. Your right, actually how long they will be there..who knows
  6. Naturally the best time to re-finance is at the top of the market and the best time to buy is at the bottom of the market. 18 year property cycle predicts 2026 will be a bust so work by that if you like but this is Crystal ball territory at the moment. Your more likely to regret not buying than making a move on something sooner rather than later. I’ve bought 2 this year, 5 year fixed at great rates and have good long term tenants in both. If there’s a crash in 4 years time that wipes out the 4 years of growth, I’ve still gained just under £40k in rent over that time. the best time to buy / re- finance was yesterday, next best time is today
  7. Your looking to flip. What’s wrong with where you live that means your mapping sites all round the county? having done a few light refurbs and one chunkier refurb close to home in the last 12 months..if your planning on doing any monitoring / management yourself it will be a nightmare being away from home. Ours were 5miles away and I felt like I was there many times a week
  8. That doesn’t sound like it’s to do with being able to source the right deals..sounds like a combination of price vs rent = investment area. ive made 2 x purchases that have gone through in the last 3 months, £145k x 2 = £800pcm rent each. I didn’t use a sourcer, didn’t send 10,000 leaflets out or view 10s of properties hoping to get a good deal in a hot market. Just knew my investment area I’ve researched in heavily, knew my numbers in terms of cash flow and % on capital employed and offered what it was worth to me based on that. FYI I paid asking price for both, both have gone up £15k between me offering and now and I’m getting a good monthly return on a 5 year fixed and both houses rented with a week of listing. I’d be looking at the geography - £7k is a lot of post tax money to be giving to someone…I’d be staying clear, unless that money was coming back with plenty of money following a re-finance , but I doubt it
  9. Yeah luckily it’s not full refurbs, but having completed on 2 x properties within weeks of each other (due to shifting completion dates), you can’t underestimate how much time it takes painting, ripping out , co-ordinating sparks / gas, kitchen fitters etc etc. We also had a tenant already sourced for one so only had 10 days to turn it round and the place was in worse condition than we thought when we got the keys!!! not something I’ve explored massively myself, but yes there’s plenty of people about who will offer you deal packaging..just need to find the good ones! I read and watch a lot of Jamie Lords stuff and he seems good
  10. I was in a similar position not long ago. I refurbed an existing property and then purchased 2 x 3 beds that will tie in with future epc requirements. The 2 beds ending up needing a bit of work and with me working long hours like yourself and having 2 kids , I can tell you it’s nearly pushed me to the brink at times!! Weekends evenings etc etc id you enjoy your job, I’d hunt out someone who can give you quite a hands off return on your money. Find someone who packages good deals and provides hands off returns, you could find someone who does this in the HMO market for example and you wouldn’t have to live around your tenants!! money thing for sure, don’t hoard it the interest I was getting on mine through HSBC was shocking and loosing me money week on week when you factor inflation let along property growth, rental yield etc
  11. Yeah that’s true. The house got so damp, that even after some re-pointing etc the salts will be working their way I out of the bricks but hopefully that’s coming to an end now. ywah it’ll need a new roof at some point as well. I guess we have just bought 2 x 1970s houses and those issues just don’t exist as much. I think we’ll prob keep it as long as we can to realise growth / rental income then sell it to start our flip journey
  12. Have a property that we refurbed and part re-financed last year. it’s a 2 bed terrace and to be honest has been a labour of love, the refurb last year inc damp course, kitchen , list of re-skimming etc etc, quite costly. whilst the refurb is sorted, the damp got quite bad under a previous tenant and it’s still working it’s way out of the re-plaster etc. I feel like, whilst the yield is good (£160pcm mortgage and insurance , £725 rent) , it’s a bit of a problem child and is always going to be needing something, damp, cold etc. problem is - sell it now , doesn’t realise enough cash to do anything with yet and miss out on new tenants due to go in for a few years. when you do calculate when is better to sell and trade up a property? I’ve just got to three properties, and have this pride thing that selling one takes me backwards. That said, I was hoping to get a few more years capital growth out of it and rental income and out the money towards a flip / BRR in the future to start recycling my money.
  13. One thing that would be interesting is if their is a data stream that is closer to the conveyancing process rather than the sold / STC prices. I offered and STC on a house in March, it didn’t go through till last working day in august and probably won’t appear on land registry data for 3 months after. Few houses have sold in the last 3 years and few rentals in the last year (apart from one I have tenanted that wasn’t advertised). Once it hits the LR, the data is nearly 9 months out of date. fot me thinking how many of these scenarios are taking place every day around the country at the moment and those who know about this information know where the opportunity is
  14. Make sure your stress test any deal..the backs do this now but for yourself I would. My break even point on mine are about 6.5-7% , personally by the time interest rates went back up to that I’d expect a huge gain in rental prices as well
  15. I'm finding it really interesting observing the comings and goings of economic and political happens over the last few years. I spoke to and heard from lots of people that put off investing in property due to ; Fresh memories from the financial crisis Referendum Brexit Coronavirus Stamp Duty holiday Furlough coming to an end Are we finally coming to the reality that the market is good and likely to continue to be so for a good few years? The massive cliff edge from furlough is unlikely to happen and the labour market is booming The regions still have exceptional value for money to offer to buyers and tenants. I know the areas where I hold property are now attracting a different demographic of tenant to years back, still lots of areas of the country and regions / towns / areas that are posed for big investment , growth and to be the next place for young working professionals to filter into as they get priced out of the already developed and expensive suburbs.
  16. Its not a new concept but yes I great first step I would have thought to gain knowledge and learn from the journey of others. you'll also get between £3k-£5k for each deal. Its been in my mind as well but from what I have researched, you want to really be able to get into investors and understand what they want and why (find the need) and then go from there. My issue is / was, where do you even start with that?!?! non of my friends are into property, non are into investment, neither are my family..dont want to be that person pushing a "BMV" deal on facebook really, that someone can then find on rightmove
  17. The UK government have created the shortage of rental stock by putting the squeeze on those landlords who are at the middle or back end of their investment journey by punishing them with section 24 and heavy tenant bias legislation and regulation (some of which has been needed). Now the rental market is hot in the UK and young / early investors are making the most of that and from my experience, tenants are willing more than ever to pay the going rate for a professionally managed , maintained and well presented rental property. The government is creating a divided on housing in this country, which may be perfectly fine as less and less young people have an aspiration to own, again good news for landlords. So whilst the government is creating the divide and also not building enough social housing, the remaining landlords and property companies will happily pick up the slack however they aint doing it for free, hence the rental rates these days to cover section 24, EPC, EICR, selective licensing, Gas cert , tenant arrears etc etc etc etc the list goes on. Affordability for rental doesn't seem to be a problem in my area. Its harder for young people to get on the ladder, however , save the 100% mortgages that spun up around the last boom, I understand its always been hard to save and rent at the same time. I do agree with the disparity on prices vs wages however, who knows Boris may fix that in the UK with his "high wage" economy 🤷🏻‍♂️
  18. Only thing is with these sites is actually how accurately do they predict current market values? Their seems to be a pretty big lag especially at the moment on all sale prices hitting the sites. ive just bought two places, only one sale taken place in the last 4 years where the capital growth has been insane, including COVID, so it made it hard to judge, even the agents weren’t 100% sure on where to list it exactly so went with a I guide. I went with what I thought they were worth based on the area , my rental yield numbers and strong potential for more capital growth due to big investment into the area. I would say the zoopla estimates were way off…one I bought for less money and is a terrace not an end terrace, is actually now valuing £20k more than the 3 bed semi that I bought with a bigger garden on zoopla. Not overly reliable. Rent was out by about £250 a month on Mouse price as well and I know as I have rented mine out! if I was going to build a model I’d be wary about using this information to be honest at the moment
  19. Totally depends on where you are. I’m at about 60% now, but if i want to expand and grow over the next few years I’ll need to either sell one (not preferred) or take on secured leverage and that’ll be a risk I’ll have to calculate and accept or not
  20. What would I have done at 23 (now 36) if I had my time again. Bought the worst house on the best street I could afford, live in it and refurb as I went. No dependents, no issues with eating pizza sat in a camping chair, taking on your own financial future. I bought my first house at 19 back in the days of 100% deposits and me and missus earning 10k each. 15 years later , a shed load of equity I refurbed and re-financed and now on my property journey. yes 15 years is a long time but property wasnt really on my radar as such, now it is. Wouldnt have been able to do any of that and continue from now on in unless I’d bought that first place when I did and you can do the same but much better as you’ll be streets ahead
  21. You could go short term and long term. Something older , 100k with good rental yield for the next 6-7 years , then sell and re-invest into something that fits better with epc if that’s what’s needed. everyone buzzes off capital growth. Most property ticks up in line with inflation as a minimum plus you’d then be getting 10%+ return of your cash invested.
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