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  1. Hi guys, this quarantine is keeping me so much occupied. Created this new blog post. Share your thoughts: https://www.biggerpockets.com/member-blogs/12978/90095-the-best-real-estate-search-engines-for-finding-property-information?created=1
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  3. Property hub is my favorite. I keep checking at it for new updates. Since my work is sometimes associated with real estate property search, i check at www.enrichedrealestate.com.
  4. I would definitely go for property!
  5. For tax payments and helps regarding such issues, try contacting poconnor tax reduction experts. They kind of helped me out in reducing tax burdens.
  6. Hi, I very frequently come across this word "cost segregation", many say it is a way to reduce taxes. Can someone give me a clear picture on it.
  7. Hi all, I am Ryan, new to this forum. Am interested to know more things from you all! Happy to be a member in this forum!
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