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    Passionate about personal growth and lifetime learning, I love the variety and excitement that comes with project work. I'm en-route to towards changing from an event focused career to one in property and construction. Frankly, I'd relish the opportunity to work for 'RMP' and perhaps in a year or two when I return to the UK, the opportunity might present itself. In the meantime, I continue to develop myself and deliver really cool events.
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    Operating from a distance, I focus on vanilla BTLs. In the future when I am closer to home I would love to get involved in developments and maybe even a HMO or holiday let.

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  1. Hi Sam_f3, Thank you very much for completing the survey and for sharing your thoughts. The research is a 3 stage process and initially is to demonstrate differences in sentiment and attitudes to the importance of school from the different demographics of people that purchase property. For example, in the case of landlords, out of 30 respondents that have families as tenants, only two checked the OFSTED grades of the local secondary schools at the time they considered making the purchase. Whereas for owner occupiers and tenants, this is unsuprprisingly entirely different. Fundamental
  2. Thank you very much for taking the time. I’m very grateful.
  3. Thank you everyone for your responses - I am nearly there, just needing 5 more. If anyone can help, I would be very grateful and it only takes an average of 2 mins 20 seconds to complete -> Survey.
  4. Thank you Julia, I signed your petition. Good luck. Paul
  5. Dear friends, I am carrying out an academic survey as part of a wider study to gain a better understanding of the drivers that influence housing prices. The survey takes less than 3 minutes to complete and the data collected is anonymous. Survey I need to get 30 responses to this survey and I would be extremely grateful if you can help. The results of this will help me to form a hypothesis that I will go on to study in more depth. If you are interested to receive the findings from the research study, I will be happy to share them with you when the study is complete, pl
  6. I read and enjoyed the Naked Trader. For a different perspective on the stock market and an equally good read, I recommend these two: Millionaire Teacher - Andrew Hallam Smarter Investing - Tim Hale Enjoy your reading.
  7. Dear all, Can anyone advise if they have had an experience with TMW remortgaging after their personal circumstances have changed? In my case, I took out a mortgage on a property whilst being a UK resident, I currently work overseas and although I intend to return to the UK next year, am resident overseas. I can remortgage online via their TMWdirect portal with no human interaction, but there is also a lot of equity in the property and if I can remortgage for a larger amount I can use the extra money as a deposit to purchase a new property in the autumn - I have a strong preference t
  8. Hey Matt, thanks for asking the question. It's an interesting one for me to read because I have also been considering a near identical situation and my goals are also similar to yours. Good to see the different perspectives from Haf, Richard, David and Katherine. As it happens, I am weighted towards keeping hold of it for the time being.
  9. Hi John, I live in Kazakhstan and coompleted on a BTL 18 months ago. I used Liquid Expat and the mortgage was provided by Marsden B S. I already owned other property and this one was a personal mortgage. Be aware that the purchase will take longer than you might normally expect. Mine took a very long time to go through (offer in July and completed in December). We had a good communication with the estate agent and I think this helped the vendors that they were kept up to speed. The broker and mortgage fees were a bit more than your typical application in the UK. But worth all of the
  10. Thanks a lot for the comments Richard. Back at the original purchase I received what was agreed, so we are all square on the original arrangement. The exit was to sell the property (planned for 2016) and then it's all finished. Any uplift is for my partner and whatever the settlement with the original vendor is also between them and my partner. So actually I have nothing to gain or loose in an onward sale at any price. I'm not sure that was clear in my original post, I hope that makes sense...that's what I meant by incidental. And, you are correct, I am not in direct contact with the
  11. Hello, my name is Paul. A quick backstory on a property. I bought this along with a colleague back in 2010. He couldn't get finance at the time because his cash flow was poor, so I agreed to go in with him, I guess you could call me a mortgage mule. He managed the property (maintenance, tenants etc) and I got some money for going in with him. The mortgage and property is totally in my name and he pays the mortgage and insurance costs. He had an agreement with the vendors to pay the funds in parts. He paid them some (70k) at completion, and agreed a monthly fee (300) and
  12. Yes of course, we have a rate of 3.44%. It is a discounted rate (-2.41%) from their SVR (currently 5.85%) This is on a 3 year fix and we used Liquid Expat as the broker. We had fewer options because we live and work in Kazakhstan, which wasn't on the approved list of countries for many lenders. You certainly need to allow for a bit more time to get though the process as an expat - it took us 4 months to complete.
  13. Hi Tim, I'm also an expat and managed to get a mortgage earlier in the year with Marsden B.S. I went through a specialist expat broker and paid a bit more than normal for the privilege. But I have a 97k 75% LTV on a 130k purchase. I think they'd have gone down to a 75k mortgage. Paul
  14. Hi Paul, You might find the following links useful to gather your historical data: Sold prices by Postcode back to 2000 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices-in-my-area/marketTrendsTotalPropertiesSoldAndAveragePrice.html?searchLocation=rg1&sellersPriceGuide=Start+Search http://www.zoopla.co.uk/market/reading/?q=reading http://www.mouseprice.com/area-guide/price-trends/rg1 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/news/house-price-index/regional-trends-32 Through rightmove, you can also subscribe to monthly updates by postcode area (e.g. RG1) to get a market report on the area. Good luc
  15. I listened to epidose 138 of the property podcast today. It was really, so helpful in thinking through an apporach to helping others see what we already do. Perfect structure to work through with my wife and Rich Dad Poor Dad is on her kindle ready to read when she is. Thanks
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