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  1. Hi all, I am currently setting up my limited company in preparation for my first investment. I have done some research into SIC codes and it seems 68209 is suitable for my strategy which is to buy and hold. However, is there any harm in adding 68100 also as depending on future markets, I may need to sell my properties. I’ve heard it can impact lending to have multiple SIC codes and I will be dependent on BTL mortgages. Also if anyone can recommend a financial advisor and mortgage broker specialising in BTL it would be much appreciated. I am struggling to find any BTL specialists loc
  2. Hi all, Im guilty of not getting started on my property investment journey due to the current market uncertainty. I’m risk neutral and want to focus on long term capital growth in my investments. Therefore yield isn’t as much of a priority but just wanted to get an idea what a safe level of cashflow on a 75% LTV property in the north west would look like with this strategy. I don’t want to be paying for costs out of my own pocket monthly and am looking to reinvest funds to scale a portfolio. Thanks Sam
  3. Hi Chris, I am in the same boat as you regarding getting started and am also guilty of waiting for the right moment so you aren’t alone! The advice I would give (and should probably take myself) is that if you find a potential investment that stacks up now, it fits your goal, it cash flows to avoid costing you money and long term you are happy with its potential. Then go for it. The longer term the plan, the less perfect every single decision point has to be. Since you have the cash to purchase multiple properties, perhaps invest one at a time to spread your risk and see how the
  4. Thanks all for your comments. I had viewed the price being lower as a positive due to the potential for growth in the next few years. It’s interesting to hear your views though so much appreciated.
  5. Hi, I have been researching an investment in Warrington and have noticed that the current list price (£100k) is £40k less than the high’s of 2008 when it was last sold. I understand that this was when the market last peaked but given how far on we are from then, I would have thought a price recovery would have been likely by now. Warrington town centre has had a fair amount of regeneration in the last few years. Is this a good opportunity to purchase as prices are still likely to go up or are there other things I need to consider? Thanks, Sam
  6. Hi Guys, I'm Sam from Warrington, I'm 25 years old, a management accountant and have my sights set on becoming a first time property investor in the not so distant future. At the beginning of this year I discovered the property podcast and haven't looked back. After reading 'rich dad poor dad' on the podcast's recommendation I sold my car and bought a much cheaper one to pull out cash towards my first property investment. I am well on my way to developing my knowledge and strategy which will be to buy and hold for long term benefits with the aim of leaving full time employment within
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