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    Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, York
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    Newbie, refurbed own home and now looking to flip in North to recycle cash for BTL's.

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    Auctions, professional lets, flips, BTS, BTL, brokers, bridging, finance, agents, sourcers
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    Sales professional - negotiating, project management, managing people, budgeting
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    To match my income from current employment and then scale
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    F1, Guitar, Football

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  1. Hi JP, Yes I have two BTL's with fixed rates/discounts due to expire in the next couple of months and am experiencing the same issue. It seems it pins on the valuers (very short sighted) view on the market value & risk of tenants being made redundant. One was down valued slightly from original purchase price (which was below asking then & well below now) by the potential new lenders valuer. I've decided to wait it out on the higher standard rate because this isn't much more cost due to rates being so low. Until the market picks up, hopefully enough in a few months time. Just unfortunate timing essentially, although be interested if anyone or their broker has overcome this issue? I'm also in the market for another purchase but I'm seeing lenders will only go to 65/70% LTV on BTL & bridging which inhibits the ability to take advantage of potential deals in the current market. James
  2. Hi all Does anyone have any experience good or bad with, or know of how Advantage new build warranty provider are considered? I'm currently looking at an off plan opportunity with MCR Properties and Advantage are the insurer so conducting some due diligence. https://ahci.co.uk/ Appreciate any insights hubbers may have. Thanks James
  3. Hi, I thought it could be worth sharing experiences of developers so that hubbers can share their feedback on off plan projects. Has anyone had any experience with MCR Property? - http://www.mcrproperty.com/ Thanks! James
  4. Hi Giles, Its a flat on the edge of the city center. It's still with the solicitors currently and moving slowly as is often the case! I'm from the south originally so don't know the coastal areas well to be honest, although my broker did say that York is one of only 2 cities in the UK that don't have an off season for holiday lets due to its non-climate based tourism. James
  5. Hi Giles thanks for the reply. Yes definitely, I'm just completing on our first BTL in York. Do you use a letting agent, and if so can I ask who and how you've found them? Happy to meet over a coffee sometime. Best James
  6. Hi James Kelly of York here. I am currently looking for bridging finance brokers - preferably in the north but not essential - tradesmen & letting agents in these areas, if you are one or know any please get in touch. I have been religiously following all things Property Hub related for the last 18 months whilst planning my first steps. Began whilst looking to buy my first house with my wife. We have now bought and refurbed our own home and are looking to invest in BTL in Leeds, Sheffield, York, Hull area whilst also doing other flip projects to recycle our initial capital. I work in sales and have been able to use my negotiating and project management skills to complete our refurb on budget and time, I intend to maximise this in future projects. I am of course happy to help in anyway I can in return. Best James
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