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    Self employed qualified electrician, based in Driffield. We undertake all elements of electrical work from small jobs including testing and inspecting all the through to new housing developments and large blocks of flats. I currently have a portfolio of single lets which is spread between Hull and York.
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    HMOs, planning gain, refurbs and developments.
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    I would like to build a portfolio to create a level of financial freedom for me and my family.
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    I enjoy keeping fit and playing rugby.

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  1. Hi George, Good question. Can I ask you one though? What sort of yields/percentages are you expecting student lets just out of interest? Thanks James
  2. Hi guys, I appreciate this is on old thread but felt it was important to have a say. Much like the previous post by Ben Curry, I am also an electrician. (self employed with a small team) I dont know if you've had the work carried out by the electrician which gave you the quote or not? Realistically you're getting looked after, it would be unfair to start breaking down what the mark up etc the electrician would be making and I'm sure with a little research you could work it out. He's probably making wages as I say, You've got to take into consideration that the ele
  3. Hi Richard The boutique HMO I agree would probably only have a shelf life of a couple of years until the hype surrounding the city has faded, perhaps I should be looking towards Leeds and Manchester for such a property. BTLs will always be needed whatever happens to a city, in prosperous times people come for work and in down times people will be unable to afford to buy. Sad but true. I would be interested to see the blog or article you do on this! Thanks again James
  4. Hi Richard, Thanks for sharing, it has really made stand back slightly and take a look at what is going on. I have to say creating a 5/6 bedroom boutique HMO in Hull really does appeal to me, but at this stage I don't know if something like this is required. I know you mentioned you keep an eye on the area but the city is really on the up, Hilton have just broke ground and have a large hotel going up which to me suggest they feel its worth a punt. I appreciate an investment can't be simply based on one international firm however added to other factors, suc
  5. Hello all, I currently have a small portfolio of single family buy to lets, which I have acquired over the last 3/4 years. I now feel I am at a stage where I would like to move into the world of multi lets. However I am getting conflicting reports from more experienced landlords than myself in which area to go into. Some are saying a traditional HMO (i.e letting rooms to working class professionals etc) is the way forward and others are telling me stay well clear and concentrate on the student market. At this stage it is probably advantageous to say I am looking at buy
  6. Hi Rob, I'm not really sure where about some in the country you are but I am an electrical contractor, in my experience a flat Rewire realistically would be in the region of £1,500-£2,500 depending on spec. i.e spot lights etc. Granted still not for nothing but perhaps not as bad as you thought? We quite often get calls to evaluate the electrical installation in properties which are getting purchased, with the full intention of the buyer going to the vendor for a discount on the price for any works required. Perhaps you could do something similar or perhaps the vendor could meet you 50/50?
  7. Hi James, Hope your Christmas was enjoyable. I will send you an email in the morning. I think it would be good to chat I dare say we could learn learn from each other! Thanks James
  8. Hi James, hope you're well. I think we spoke the back end of last year. I have a mortgage guy for you. His name is Simon from lowgate mortgages. His phone number is 07967 742336. He is based in Hull City Centre. Hope it helps! James
  9. Hi Jayne, Thank you for the reply, I will start by reading his books to see what I can pick up. He seems to be very straight to the point in the media I have seen him in! Thanks James
  10. Hello all, I have started reserching HMOs as I feelit would be a step in the right direction and a good addition to my current portfolio. A name that keeps popping up is Jim Haliburton. I can recall a few years ago the BBC followed him around for a week or so to show what he gets upto. Having stubbled across his website I found Jim puts on workshops/learning weekends for would be HMO landlords which includes advice on finance, how to split rooms, how to source deals and a tour around some of his HMOs etc. It is priced at £597.00 for the course which runs on a weekend. I was wondering i
  11. Hi Liam, I found your post very interesting, I feel perhaps we are in a similar situation. I am the owner of a small electrical contracting firm primarily operating in the renewables sector however do our share of "house bashing". I have a small portfolio of 3 Properties (very soon to be 4, just had an offer accepted) and felt confident enough to take the plunge on my first propery 3 years ago at the age of 22. With my connections in the trade i.e Brickies, Plumbers and Decorators my first property was pretty straight forward. The property is a very straight forward 3 bedroom in Hull, loc
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