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  1. Check if they are a member of the property redress scheme. If they are you can complain to them
  2. Do you have a contract in place? If there is no contract you should complain to the Estate agent and developer. They are likely to ignore you. Once a few weeks have gone by go to Property ombudsmen. You may want to contact your local MP. It’s not fair for estate agents and developers to do this. These are real people
  3. This has become more common and something needs to be done at parliament level. I have drafted a petition to stop this from happening and will be sharing this on all property forums.
  4. If I was you I would withdraw from any off plan investment.
  5. A long stop date means that you have the legal rights to cancel the contract.
  6. Has anyone had any experiences with Residential Estates, Ladson Group? Or have purchased a flat from the Winckley House development in Preston?