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    South Wales and soon the North West of England
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    I work in the building trade running a small construction company, and have a ltd company for property investing with my sister. We try to share the work load out so she's behind the scenes on the paperwork and I'm the hands on one.
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    Vanilla BTL. Enjoy an evening out at an auction, it's a lot more exciting way to make a purchase.
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    Carpenter by trade, general builder by experience really. Also have a chartered accountant for a girlfriend so any tax or accountancy queries I have get answered immediately.
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    Our current goal is to have a rental income of £80,000+ by 2030.
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    Football, mountain biking, gym and travelling as much of the world as possible.

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  1. That does help a lot Chris. I'm now being told that the building warranty firm they we're originally going with changed their policy when covid landed and weren't willing to protect even the 10%. They're now in the process of finding a new company but can't give me any guarantee (other than the word of the sales rep ) that the 10% will be protected. So I think it's time to pull the plug on this deal 24k is a lot to have unprotected but 48k is far too much. Real shame because I love what they're offering but I think I need to go with my head not my heart.
  2. I felt like I'd done all the due diligence I could really. But reading the thread that Mark directed me to has given me some doubts now. Could this be one development that didn't go to plan/two investors that got unstuck from many? I could find almost no bad press or reviews about Beech Holdings online and they seem to me to be a very reputable company. But I could be missing something. Does anyone have a suggestion of where I could look to get a proper lowdown on the company, reliable independent review sites maybe?
  3. Hi guys. I'm currently in the process of buying an apartment through Beech Holdings, how did this situation pan out for you in the end?
  4. Thanks guys very helpful. Where can I find this thread please mark?
  5. Hi guys, I think this might be a bit niche but hopefully someone can help. I'm in the process of buying an apartment off plan in Manchester. The company I'm buying from want a 20% deposit (£48,000) but the deposit isn't going to be held in a stakeholders account until completion. It will be initially but once the developer has had a buildings warranty issued, which is likely to be early in the development, it's no longer held in a stakeholders and can be passed to the developer to use as they wish. 10% will be protected by the buildings warranty but the other 10% is at risk. So
  6. I've heard a lot about that book but been dubious how it would work for me being in the building trade, it's difficult to run medium sized building jobs without being hands on. Especially, as my dad says, when the boss isn't on the job you've lost the best carpenter for the day. How are you finding the book?
  7. Hi Ryan, Interesting post, you seem to have things well planed out and haven't rushed into property at all. I'm just curious what your intentions are career wise? Being a Quantity Surveyor seems like it would work well along side the property. Are you looking to get out of that to focus on property full time or are you going to run them side by side?
  8. Can you go deeper into what you mean by this line please? "A huge number of the current office jobs won't exist in the UK in a few years anyway, including many you might not expect."
  9. At the end of January I was at an auction looking to buy a property that included a convenience store on the GF and two two bedroom flats on the FF. For the price we were looking to get it we would have been on about 18% rental ROI and would have been our most profitable property for cash flow three times over. It would have left our bank account empty to get all the deposit together and pay the bridging loan for two or three months, so a stretch, but I was excited about it. I was tempted to bid 20k higher than we'd planned, which would have probably won us the lot on the day and taken a
  10. I make sure all the correspondence is in writing and they check I'm happy with the colour before they start. That way if they steer from the agreement I can keep the bont to cover costs. It doesn't cover a full redecoration but it's something
  11. My take is to meet them half way. I make sure it's down on paper that they're free to decorate the walls as long as its neutral colours that will be easy to cover and the woodwork must stay white. I once had a tenant decorate the house herself. She was a sitting tenant when I bought the property so I let her carry on as it needed a whole paint job once she moved out, she had green wall, brown skiting, pink bathroom which they didn't have a brush to cut in so they just butted the corners with a roller, they'd started painting the coving with two different colours but didn't like either so
  12. We saw a slight increase in prices a few years ago, followed by a small dip then a recovery, which had us all thinking that was the mid-cycle wobble. There's still time left in this "18 year" cycle for a dip then a boom after. imo prices and demand have sored so much since lockdown it's not sustainable and I can't see prices rising like this until the end of the cycle. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a sharp dip during 2021 followed by a boom that will see us through to the end of the current cycle. So if anything I'm anticipating the crash to come later than expected. So when we look b
  13. Like everyone else on this forum, I wasn't impressed by Robert Kiyosaky, I was quite disappointed with what he brought to the interview and felt like he'd just come on for a bit of a rant. I think he said at one point he has "a hundred hotels and a thousand houses" but the vibe I got was an implication we should be steering clear of property and that gold, silver and crypto were the only option
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