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  1. @stevie-s I too am in almost exactly the same boat as you, expat from London living in Singapore like @sijfish, im at the very early stages of speaking to mortgage brokers about remortgaging my current property to release some equity to fund other BTL's in the UK. What I have found so far from only 1 conversation with a mortgage broker is that lending for properties under £100k for expats can limit the number of lenders. Have you or anyone else on this thread decided how you will manage the property from overseas e.g. a fully managed service provided by the letting agents or something else? Interested to hear peoples learnings on any of this, this forum is such a great wealth of knowledge and information.
  2. @simon allen I am in a similar situation, would be interested to see what you can offer
  3. Thanks Kevin for your response, I am still toying with the idea of going with LTD v Personal. I guess the main difference would be the capital gains paid if i went down the personal route verses LTD? Would love to hear anyone elses thought too.
  4. Thanks @onkar i'm just looking into the mortgage options now, also considering whether to go the limited company route too
  5. Hi everyone Also a British Born (Sri Lankan) but now living in Singapore, originally from Richmond south west London, have one BTL in London and just now looking at my 2nd property and best options. Would be great to here how you guys have been getting on and share stories Thanks Rukshan
  6. Hi I am a Brit living overseas for the last 8years, I have have one property i bought 15 years ago to live in and started renting it out when I moved overseas. I'm now in a position to start looking at building a property portfolio, I have approx 60% equity in my current property and have additional savings of approx £30k cash to start my property portfolio. My plan is to build to build a 2nd income stream and gain from capital increase over the next 10 years. Just started listening to the PH podcasts and doing research, but any guidance and advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  7. Hi I have a property in the UK which is rented out and currently on a repayment mortgage (variable rate) as the deal term expired a while back. I relocated overseas since taking out this mortgage and my only income in the UK is the rent from this one property and the LTV is approx 25% with 75% equity in the property. When i looked into remortgaging a couple of years ago, there were not many options available to me, as my primary income is earned from my job overseas. I am looking to extract some of the equity in the property when I remortgage. I am also looking to buy an additional investment property and would be looking for a good BTL mortgage with a LTV of up to 75% Any advice on which mortgage options I have available to me for the remortgage of current property, and subsequent BTL mortgage would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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