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  1. Hi all further borrowing was through Lloyd’s On my existing mortgage as I have 65k equity and BTL was also with Lloyd’s and yeah sorry it’s the surveyor that’s said it’s not fit for purpose it needs new kitchen, windows are double glazed but first ever One, boilers old but has passed its check no mould or damp etc would need a good 15k spending to get it upto scratch but I assumed with discount and the mortgage only being £75k I’d be fine I’m waiting for further information but nothing back as of yet. Haven’t really got funds to buy cash so I guess I could look into bridging loan or another su
  2. Hi lilla, I’ve gone through Lloyd’s who offer a free lenders valuation/home buyers report and it’s that report that’s come back it doesn’t include a valuation just says not fit for rental(this is also my mortgage adviser could see) I’ve asked for further information but my adviser hasn’t heard anything back as of today.
  3. Hi everyone new to all of this so bare with if I leave any details out. I’ve recently applied for advance borrowing(deposit for BTL) which was accepted, applied for a BTL mortgage was accepted on the principal house is worth purchase price. The average house price on the street is £125-135k I’ve agreed on purchase price of £100k because it needs abit of work I’d have 25% deposit so would be borrowing £75k however had a call from lender saying the conveyancer has been in touch not left a valuation but have stated “not fit for rental” so I have been refused? Does anyone know why they would refus
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