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  1. Stupidly expensive if you work out the maths behind this
  2. Hebden Bridge - love it. We're in Huddersfield - would be great to chat!
  3. Just have it split correctly on the director loan account?
  4. Is this at a council level or national? As I've never heard this before?
  5. Hi, Does anybody have any letters or templates they would be willing to share on attempts for Direct to Vendor sales. Thank you in advance
  6. Pretty sure you can't live there - both from a BTL point of view and the company, or are you paying the company rent to live there?
  7. I'm Huddersfield, so not million miles away. Be good to meet, a few Northern investors!
  8. Hi @yaserj Whereabouts in the country are you? We can certainly look to help you out here, drop me a DM and can send some quotes across. Are they all near enough same properties or will there be a difference in the KW of boiler required? As above, if buying 5 we can certainly get an attractive deal for yourself from our suppliers. All the best, Adam.
  9. There's your first problem, you're using Lloyds! Get moved to Starling, easy, digital & most importantly free! Wouldn't recommend any other business bank.
  10. Hi Paul, Hope you're well. I live and invest in Huddersfield attracting very good yields of typically 8-10% (gross). Would be happy to talk through our approach and what we invest in if of interest to yourself. Cheers, Adam
  11. Nothing in property is straightforward, and there isn't a thing as a straightforward flip :-D
  12. Hey Javan, Welcome. I'm also in the Cyber field and investing in very similar properties that you've mentioned although in Huddersfield & Halifax. Would be great to chat a little more about our experiences in both property and cyber! Drop me a DM if you'd like to have a chat. Cheers, Adam.
  13. For a lettings - Howdens all day long - wouldn't touch anybody else, especially likes of Wren, Wickes & B&Q. For a personal house, again Howdens all day long or DIY kitchens.
  14. Was just going to say this Seamus! Thank you
  15. Another +1 for PatMa. INCREDIBLE tool - I shout about it to everyone in this game. Will change how you view properties for sure! Certainly isn't £500 + a month either! £0 for the free version which is more than good enough
  16. As you've said you will struggle as to get BTL mortgage without having own residential. But if you're wanting to do a BRR you could look at paying cash then putting on to a BTL from there - think it's a little different if you've 'owned it' versus buying it with a mortgage. Could also look at bridge to let - but I'm by no means an expert on that area. As a different question - I ask this to everyone I see talking around this - why would you not want to secure you & your partner with your own home first?
  17. I have never heard this before, and I can't believe I'm hearing this from a valuation with the rental market as it is. But every day is a learning day!
  18. 2 houses with Aldermore so far, 2 sets of conveyancing with Blacks. Big company. If you want speed and ease, and the cheapest option - use blacks when using Aldermore.
  19. Hi, We use Aldermore and experienced this. It is much easier to use their own panel solicitor - Blacks. If you read into LTD purchases they require dual representation, some for instance TMW allow the solicitor to do both regardless, Aldermore want you to use theirs. Long story short, Aldermore are good and Blacks are so just use them for both. Cheers
  20. Maybe I misunderstood you saying: "As your company earn profits, you can take money out of your company. The 1st £100,000 won't attract tax" To me that reads as as you make profit, the first £100,000 won't attract tax, hence my comment above.
  21. What a predicament to be in, earning over 100k a year and having 550k in the bank, But thanks for letting us all know.
  22. The £100,000 profit that the business makes will be liable for corporation tax. The £100,000 can be taken back with zero income tax. Don't get confused by the two, if you make 100k profit in the LTD co, tax has to be paid on those profits.
  23. Another +1 for Starling - faultless from our side. We was with Natwest too for business bank, leagues above if you ask me. Save a bit of money too which is always a bonus!
  24. I wouldn't have said so no. As with NHS you'll get continuous service etc, and won't be in a probation period will you?
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