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  1. That’s using the bedrooms as a guide for the full house- 3 bed- £3000 for full house, 4 bed- £4000 for full house, sorry it was a poor explanation
  2. Hello matt, my 3 bed semi Detached last year was £3500 including material so not too far away from yours, but enough wriggle room for quotes. Mine was through someone I trust though as I just left him the key for the house whilst I was at work which made it easier and quicker, yours could involve more or maybe certain items are more expensive now. My electrician said work it out at £1000-1200 per bedroom.
  3. Hello sam, the re wire is the complete replacement of old non compliant wiring and associated consumer unit (fuse board) and sockets, lighting etc. The old wiring will rise up from the consumer unit and will be in the void between the floors. The most invasive works are to get to these wires and damage to the walls. I stayed in the house whilst ours took place but admittedly it was a pain as the floor boards on the landing and the upstairs bedrooms all had to be lifted to allow access to the cables. We did this by shutting off a room per day. also the chasing out of the block wo
  4. This is very helpful as this is the first strategy I’m looking at in order to get cash flow into the business. Good luck with setting up. I’ll keep an eye out for your posts. I’ve set up the company and have public liability and indemnity insurance. The company is dormant whilst I get the GDPR and AML and ombudsman sorted. Thanks guys. how do you present the deal to the investor, is it a physical file with all research or is there spreadsheet formats etc?
  5. Hello all, I am currently in the very early stages of planning to invest in property. I am working my way through my business plan and I am educating myself on the strategies and requirements for this process. At the minute my capital is very low but I do have a bit of time on the evenings around working hours to start looking for deals. i know that a lot of you will have had experience in starting up and how to do this with limited funds. I am passionate about this and leaving my employment in the future to work for myself. I work in construction management at the moment and have been i
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