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  1. Hey Daniel, Do you happen to have any sort of cost calculator that you used to validate whether the deal was a good one for you? I've got a brilliant one for residential but I'm trying to figure out what variables I need for commercial. Would be great to get your thoughts. Many thanks,
  2. Hello PH, I'm a very new member here after keeping busy learning online and reading 'successful property letting' by David Lawrenson - a really good book to get me through unemployment thanks to covid. At the moment, my thoughts surround buying a 2-bedroom terrace house 0.5 miles from Luton Station, with a view to renting out on separate tenancy agreements to get 2 x £450 pcm. I haven't spoken to any mortgager advisors as things stand but I've hypothetically looked at a £500 per month mortgage as the worst case scenario on a 40 year payback to keep the payments each month as low
  3. This is why I'm here, to learn all the ins and outs! Thanks so much for your note, Onkar.
  4. I see, thanks! I do have a limited company, through my contract work in my job, so I wonder whether I could operate a BTL though that and keep my first time buyer status for my personal. I'll need to learn about tax through the PH education. Thanks again
  5. Hey PH! After being made redundant in the current covid climate, I've taken the opportunity to learn everything I possibly can do about property investment. As things are progressing, I've started to pull thoughts together and I did want to come to the forum after I had a plan set in stone, however I'd like to build up the network base simultaneously with my education. With a career background in project management in marketing/advertising, I'm very comfortable when it comes to managing projects/portfolios; so I figured that stepping into property would be a smart choice for fu
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