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  1. No there is no reason on if she were to buy via a company or in her own name. She just wanted to pass over the refianced sum in the most tax effecint way possible and thought that by putting it in a company it would be easier. What would you suggest as a more flexible route? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, I hope you are all safe with the covid 19 situation and all. Im in a position where my family will be selling a property and with a portion of this I will be using it to set up my own company and invest using this lump sum. To make this as simple as possible my mother will be selling a property for £300k. From that my mother will be buying a £200k house through a LTD company having £100k left over for retirement. Myself and my sister are looking at the best way to minimise the tax and be able to secure the £200k property for us in the future. Once the £200k
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