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  1. Hi, has anyone had a positive experience with Crowdfunding? I've checked out Rob D's review of Property Partner on Property Geek. I understand Property Partner is one of more renowned property crowdfunding platforms. I can see that one of his properties was up by 17% after 2.5 years, so there is some good potential returns if you select the right properties. I've searched the forums on here, but there doesn't appear to be much interest for crowdfunding.
  2. This is super helpful and I will certainly use it going forwards. Thanks again for sharing.
  3. Evening all, Really great to find a community here. Absolutely love the podcast and really grateful for the content that Rob B & D provide. I've recently returned returned to the UK following employment in Japan and Europe. Looking to lay down some roots in the UK and my hometown Stockport. I need to find my own place first and then hopefully snap up a BTL soonafter. I'll be investing a lot of time in finding good deals in Stockport and Greater Manchester, so happy to connect and share with others who are looking at investing up North! Take care. Steve
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