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  1. I'm not sure how helpful this is given the huge variance between neighbourhoods in any city. I wouldn't use this data to influence my decision-making.
  2. I have buy-to-lets in Edinburgh and I've had advice from several letting agents that 1st floor flats are the most in demand. In particular if you are letting unfurnished - it makes a difference to potential tenants who are thinking about carting furniture up one floor instead of three, for a home that might just be temporary. Noise and privacy can also be issues for ground floor apartments, but the access is clearly better. In contrast, I had a ground floor buy-to-let in a purpose built block in a quiet village in Surrey and, when I came to sell it, agents advised that the ground floor a
  3. This makes a great headline but before we start popping the champagne, I think it's worth digging further to find out what's really going on. Sam_f3 above already highlighted the very common situation in which a hetero couple's property is put in the woman's name in order to take advantage of lower tax rates (because the man is earning more). It'd be interesting to know just how common this is. If it accounts for any significant share of property investors, then I'm afraid the statistic just highlights an issue of inequality... why are women earning so much less than men that they are in lower
  4. Hi Karen, My brothers and I own some leaseholds that were given to us by our grandparents, and we're trying to sell them back to the flat owners, so I'm familiar with this from the other side. I would absolutely ask for a lease extension fee quote before you buy the property. Or at least appoint a chartered surveyor to do a valuation for you. When lease-holders want to extend their leases, they pay for the valuation survey and then we negotiate on price (yes, it's definitely negotiable). You can reduce the premium for a lease extension if you offer a higher ground rent. Typically, the le
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