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  1. Thanks for your advice, I'll check out Searchlight Finance, with this flat the issue is the lenders will value it lower than 50K as they all work in the interest of the lender.
  2. Hi, I have an offer accepted for a ex-council flat for £50,500, most of the flats in the block are still council owned (more than 50%), due to both the combinations I am struggling to find a BTL mortgage. Please can anyone suggest a lender for low value property. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for your advice, I am learning towards Together, from past experience with a mortgage, and what i have been told by L&C they tend to lend to anyone, maybe thats why they are expensive as they take a much higher risk? I have called a few lenders but they want an income of 15k-25k and some only deal with brokers. Can you suggest any lenders who dont look for a minimum income and are ok with ex-council flats? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, I have tried using L&C, BM Solutions and Leeds Building Society did not lend as most was own by the council, my only option is to use a specialist lenders such as Together but they are expensive (Fees £1172, Legal £700, Rate 6.99%, 75 LTV) I have spoken to them and I already have a mortgage with them for another flat in the same block, so I am guessing they will lend. The block is only 3 story high, the only problem is most are council and I am not working at the moment so no income so my options are limited finding even a specialist lender, can you suggest any lender
  5. Hi Everyone, I need some advice please. I brought a ex-council flat (1st floor) a few years ago at auction for about 37k and have a did a lot of improvements such as new kitchen and bathroom, fire door and fully decorated. It was valued in August 2020 at 65k, (a recent sale in same block went for over 66k a few weeks ago). I am now looking to remortgage the flat to release funds, I know most high street lenders dont like ex-council flats so have to look at specialist lenders. My main concerns are; in the block most of the flats are still council, construction is brick
  6. Hello, Hoping someone can give some advice please. I am in the middle of completing a purchase for a leasehold flat, the Mining report has come back showing there was an old Mining shaft within 14 meters. My Solicitor has to make the mortgage company aware of this, my questions are; 1) What checks do I need to do? 2) Should I contact the Estate agent to consider a reduction in the price? 3) Would you buy if there was an old mining shaft within 14 meters of your flat? 4) Can the freeholder ask me to pay for any future works to fix this? 5) Will the Coal
  7. Hi, Can I buy a BTL without any income? 1) Which lenders lend?
  8. Thanks for your advice, the flat is habitable, as there is working kitchen and bathroom.
  9. Hi, Hope you can help please? I am buying a BTL flat, and already have my main house, how can I lower the 3% SDLT I have to pay? I know about the Chattels (items in the flat that will reduce the tax paid), but the flat is empty so can not really reduce the SDLT. Thanks Sub.
  10. Hi, Hope you can help please? I am buying a BTL in my name only with mortgage for £65500, but my question is can I set up everything else in partner's name, such as Gas Safety, Electrical Cert, Landlord Licence, AST and rent paid to partner's account. This is because partner would be liable for paying less tax as income is below £1250 Thanks Sub.
  11. Thanks, I'm getting the full FD30s door.
  12. Hi, I am looking to change the door in my flat as its old a faulty now, I need a fire door it has to be FD30. My question is can I fit a UPVC/Composite door with fire rated fittings such as hinges/letterbox etc? Or do I have to get a door that is FD30 rated with all the fittings? Thank you.
  13. Hello Everyone, I am looking to remortgaging my leasehold ex council flat, its worth about £55-60k, it does not have a mortgage. I would like to know do i need a solicitor to do any legal work & if so roughly how much will the solicitor charge? Many thanks. Sub.
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