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  1. Hi there - first time buyer here looking to begin a BTL portfolio (as a limited company) without buying a main residence first (plenty of detail as to why in the 'Newbie' section!). The main issue mortgage-wise appears to be access to the best rates as a FTB and first time landlord, as a SPV. Question: If I was to purchase a property with cash (via an SPV), let it out, then 'remortgage' (unencumbered remortgage?) after 6 months to release 60% the equity, would this effectively leave me in the same position as getting a 60% LTV mortgage at point of purchase, but open up more (and cheaper)
  2. Hey! My girlfriend and I (aged 29) are just beginning our property journey having spent the last year researching, building spreadsheets and setting goals. We’d like to build up a portfolio over the next 20 years to the point where we can achieve our current income levels through rental income and less stressful, ‘hobbyist’ jobs. We currently rent in London and plan to stay here for another 3ish years (not sure where we will go thereafter). We are first time buyers, and have saved up c.120k. Our initial thoughts were to buy in London to live, however this would require a c.70-80% LTV and
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