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  1. Hey amariino, I am considering a property in L11 but it’s towards Croxteth (not Norris Green) and I’ve been told that isn’t a good area to invest in. Obviously read into the history of the place but I was hoping it’s getting better. Maybe it isn’t? Where is your buy-to-let and when did you purchase it? Prices in the city seem to be crazy at the moment so I’m wondering whether to go elsewhere. I drove up and down the same day. Long day but it’s not too bad - can get in 5-6 viewings in a day. Hotels aren’t open yet but some serviced accommodations are if you want to stay.
  2. Thanks for your reply stevie-s! So I did what you describe above when I visited last Saturday. It was very helpful. Interesting to note how different certain streets are from others even within the same post code. I will be visiting again this weekend. I'm currently focusing on ROI over capital gains. However, there are definitely quite a few areas I saw in Liverpool, where I wouldn't invest even for a higher ROI. Having said that, I loved Liverpool. It's a great balance between a small town and a big city. Some very good neighbourhoods in L11 and L13 that I'm eyeing at the moment fo
  3. Hi all, I'm a newbie (pls be gentle!) from South London looking for my first BTL and I plan to visit Liverpool this Saturday (23rd May 2020) for a few viewings and to get to know the different areas of the city a bit more. Any tips for me to 'understand' Liverpool better during my visit? (especially as most shops/restaurants/bars will be closed). Thanks!
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