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  1. Hi there, I believe that either AirBnb or Booking.com has this feature to calculate the average occupancy rate but you have to take into consideration that London has a 90 day short term let cap so this could affect the average occupancy rate for those listing investment properties on sites like the above as short term stays. Another way to go around this is to possibly look at the occupancy rate of hotels nearby the area your looking to do short term lets.
  2. Essentially wont make any difference to properties that already come under the 3% threshold but any above this you'll be able to save small amounts on which is definitely worth it
  3. You might be able to contact through the details below to find out more
  4. Hi John, In terms of ROI for most or me at least i typically look for deals that would give me 20% return or higher however this can change depending on the method you are using. For a BTL though this would be a good idea as to what kind of deals you would want to be looking for, but as i said its what I typically look for.
  5. No worries, guess I'll see you in the Nottingham chat!
  6. Hi Onkar, Just interested if you know of any other areas that have chats which you've invested in. All advice is greatly appreciated!
  7. Hi, Just interested to know if there is anyone who has had experience in deal sourcing and if so what advice they would give to anyone who is interested in co-deal sourcing or deal sourcing in general. Would really appreciate any feedback on this topic as its something i'd like to expand my knowledge on. Thanks!
  8. Will definitely take this advice into consideration, thanks for taking the time to respond and if you have any more advice on landlording experience with BTL's i would love to know!
  9. What advice would you give for someone looking to get into HMO's to begin with? Lucky enough to be at a young age (17) and would greatly appreciate any advice that can be given from anyone who has had or currently owns HMO's and what would they do differently if they were to start again/ what mistakes to avoid if possible. Thanks
  10. Hello, I found my interest in property a few years back and since then its all i'm invested in. My plan over the next few years is to make my first investment into a HMO and build an income stream from rental income. I would also really appreciate any advice that has to do with the managing of a HMO and also any advice on co-deal sourcing as that is another area that I would really like to get into. Thanks again.
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