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  1. Hi everyone. I'm looking for a solicitor to help with a purchase in Bradford. Recommendations please.
  2. Thanks for the advice Julia. I absolutely agree that this is as a result of my wife's lack of knowledge, but surely the agent should have been increasing the rent in line with market value.
  3. Zoopla suggests the rent should be £1,450 to £1,700 PCM. I think £1,200-£1,300 is more realistic.
  4. Hi everyone. I am new to this forum. Hello to everyone and thank you for all the great resources. I am looking for some advice from more experienced investors. My wife purchased a property in 2011. She found a tenant privately. The tenancy agreement was for 6 months. within a few months my wife felt the tenant was very demanding and constantly hassling her. So she decided to have a letting agent take over. The tenant refused to sign a new tenancy agreement with the letting agent. So since early 2012 the tenant has been on a rolling contract. The original rent was £900. This h
  5. Hi Im a newbie on here. Love the podcast. Some great and useful advice. Has anyone heard of/got any experience with Regent Management? Looking to take on a property which they manage. Thanks
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