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  1. I actually used to live in a 2 bed in Mann Island before I started investing in property. I bought in Jan 2014 for £175k. Sold in October 2016 for £210k. Interestingly, looking at sold prices they don't seem to have moved much since then. What I would say is this - I wish I would have been able to afford to keep the property as an investment. At the time I needed the capital to move up the ladder. But Mann Island is in a fantastic location and in my opinion will be a really good investment in the medium/long term. Liverpool is still comparatively cheap compared to other cities in the UK
  2. I'm an expat living in Qatar. I would highly recommend Liquid Expat (google them). I tried a few different brokers who were all recommended to me, none specialised in expats and all really struggled to find anything decent. Liquid Expat gave me a number of good options. If you DM me I'm happy to share contact details of the guy I used.
  3. I have a tenancy agreement until June on my property. I currently receive £1,650 for the property, it is let through a letting agent. The tenants have just requested to leave the property in April. They have been refusing to do a virtual inspection, so I have no idea what state the property is in. The letting agent has said it is best to try and come to a compromise with the tenants as it will go to a small claims court if they leave without permission. The letting agent has suggested letting them end the tenancy early but making them pay the reletting fee. The issue with this is I'
  4. I've just used openrent for my first BTL and the process was simple. They took my property down less than 48 hours after it went live after I had 106 viewing requests, I could not believe it. It cost me the grand total of £49, then £20 per tenant to reference.
  5. Thanks David, very helpful.
  6. I'm an expat living in the middle east, I do not pay income tax here in Qatar but file tax returns for my two properties in the UK which are under mine and my Wife's name. I plan to buy a number of other BTL properties over the next few years whilst living in Qatar, before eventually return to the UK. It has been suggested to me that it may be more tax efficient in the long run to buy any future properties under a ltd company. When I return to the UK I will be a higher rate tax payer but my wife will not. Does anybody have any advice? I'm beginning to look for my next property and
  7. Hi, I'm in the process of buying my first BTL in Liverpool. Does anybody have a BTL income/expenditure spreadsheet that they are willing to share? I've attempted to make my own, but I'm absolutely hopeless on Excel. Thanks, Stevie
  8. That's great. Thanks for your help.
  9. I’m an expat and currently rent out one property, I have approval for the non resident landlord scheme from HMRC for this property. I’m in the process of buying another property, do I need to request approval from HMRC for every property I buy? Or will the original approval suffice? Thanks
  10. Thanks Tom that's really helpful. Gives me some more ammo for the negotiation!!
  11. Currently contemplating buying a 2 bed terrace BTL in Merseyside with a loft conversion (so 3 bed in reality). It is advertised as 2 bed so no planning permission. It has been done to a very high standard and looks structurally fine to the uneducated eye. I would get a survey done to confirm. What are the considerations when buying a property with no PP for a loft conversion? I know I obviously won’t be able to advertise as 3 bed. Thanks
  12. Ah that's great. I've just noticed the date of your original post... I'm originally from L12, just around the corner from where you're looking. I'm not qualified to give you advice regarding BTL's in these areas as I'm only just starting out myself, but if you need any general advice regarding areas just DM me.
  13. Hi, I'm more qualified to answer this as a scouser (albeit living abroad) than I am as a landlord, as I only let one property and it's in Formby which is just north of Liverpool. Normally, I would advise to take a long walk around the city centre, my favourite thing about Liverpool is it has a real personality. It's going to be difficult to experience this at the moment though. Do you have any particular areas in mind? What is it that you're after? Yield or CG? Take a good drive around, you can see most of Liverpool in one day. Liverpool is like any other city, there are good areas
  14. Hi mate, Good to hear, sounds like we're at similar stages. Yes, I've also been told that you are going to be limited for properties under £100k. My initial strategy was to go even lower than £75k, but have been told since that as an expat, mortgage companies just aren't interested below this amount. If anybody knows different, please reach out. I'm planning to go fully managed as I just don't see another viable way with living abroad. Still in the process of finding an agent.
  15. Hi all, I'm an expat from Liverpool currently living in Qatar. I'm 29 and work in aviation. I'm planning to buy my first BTL in the next few months all being well. I currently just have one property in the UK which was my residential property but I now rent out as a result of living abroad. That's sort of how I decided to get into this. I realised that I was making a magic profit every month from renting my property and doing very little work for it, whilst also achieving capital growth... I have no other experience in property. Until now, we have only invested in low cost index fu
  16. Does anybody have a copy of this spreadsheet that they can DM me please?
  17. Makes sense, thanks guys much appreciated.
  18. Hi all, I'm an expat from the UK but currently living in Qatar. I'm currently in the process of buying my first BTL property. Should I add the £1,200 mortgage fee to the mortgage or not? Is there a general rule as a property investor regarding this or does it just come down to personal preference? I have the cash to do it, but adding it to the mortgage only adds a minimal amount to the mortgage payment. Thanks, Stevie
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