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    Liverpool, Merseyside, & Cheshire
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    Inherent knowledge of Liverpool, Merseyside, and Cheshire property markets.
    Purchase and renovation/development
    Maximising revenue via minimising voids, to student properties, to corporate lets
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    My main goal is to become financially-free, by creating a self-sustaining, residual & passive income from property, while helping others achieve the same dream.
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    Avid Rugby League Fan, Blues guitarist, and automation & efficiency obsessive.

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  1. Hi Mike, We're actually looking to hire a property finder/sourcer for our investment arm, so it may be a good starting point for you. Feel free to get in touch with me. Cheers, Nick
  2. Hi everyone, It's been a funny start to the year in terms of the property market as confidence is still a bit shaky because of Brexit. What are everyone's opinions on the housing market for 2019? Here are my predictions! Predicted scenarios per quarter in 2019 Quarter 1: The sentiment is more negative than it has been for years, and there’s a lot of “wait and see” attitude around. Properties to buy will be in short supply as sellers hold their breath for Brexit. Quarter 2: With the Brexit deadline having passed, the market breathes out and looks around the landscape. What is the true effect & impact? What truths and data come out of the divorce? Quarter 3: The market starts to make decisions based on the outcome of Brexit. With the true impact now known, the market decides to take action based on those truths. Quarter 4: This is very hard to predict until the end of quarter 2. Traditionally, buyers and sellers look to “complete before Christmas” so transactions and activity increases, although the direction of prices is very much dependent upon the sentiment at that time.
  3. I have a similar problem here. I paid an additional 3% stamp duty when buying my own home to live in. I have a number of buy-to-lets in my personal name, so I wanted to either:- - sell one of my personal properties to my limited company (of which I am the sole shareholder), or; - sell one of my personal properties on the open market (i.e. just get rid of it). Another issue is that (believe it or not!) this is my first property purchase for me to live in. All of my properties (bar the very first one 15 years ago) were buy-to-lets. I can't seem to get a straight answer from HMRC as to whether this means I'm stuffed because I'm not selling a home that I used to live in. In which case, it seems incredibly unfair because there's no way for me to claim back the additional stamp duty!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm working on my entry & exit strategy with regards to the 18-year Property Cycle, to try and find the best times to buy - and the best times to sell. What I'm having doubts over, is the affect of The Northern Powerhouse on the local area. The main fundamental value (read: reason to invest) seems to come from HS2. In essence:- HS2 is the vertical line (London-Birmingham-Manchester/Leeds). HS3 is the horizontal line (Liverpool-Hull). The finished article should like a 'T'. However, is the 18-year Property Cycle being skewed? It feels a lot like the 'mania' phase in certain areas of the North. On the other hand, is it a case of the North finally being recognised as a viable place to invest, and simply catching up with itself? A lot of the investment is being fuelled by the future investment in transport, infrastructure, & jobs. But if you look at the expected completion dates*, is the 'natural' mania phase going to coincide with the launch of HS2? If so, will the North survive the bust unscathed? The influx of overseas & southern investors to the North West seems to be creating somewhat of a localised bubble. 'Great' deals in 2013-2016 are now making way for 'good' deals in today's market, and the current trend shows no signs of slowing down. Gross yields are dropping off by around 1% per area of where they were. They're still far better than most (if not all) asset classes for immediate rent (dividend) returns, with the capital growth over the long term still far stronger than any other asset class - but it still deserves the question being asked. Ironically, the whole reason the Northern Powerhouse project exists is because there is 'good value' oop North. With all of this speculation (ahead of the fundamental realisation) - will the value still be here when everyone arrives on the first train?! I'll make it clear now that I buy property as an investment no matter what stage of the cycle we are in. The asset class is irrelevant - it's the timing & the price that matters. * Phase 1: linking London and Birmingham ("HS2 is on track to start construction next year with the first trains running in 2026") Phase 2: linking Birmingham with Manchester and Leeds ("It is envisaged construction on Phase Two will start in 2022 with completion by 2032.") I'd be interested to hear other folks' opinions on this current investment trend. Nick
  5. Done! Thanks. Well, I've got two brokers giving me the same deal BUT one can only offer me 5 years - the other only 2 years! It's a confusing space.
  6. Yeah, I get the detailed breakdowns but I use several different brokers and they have their own formats and many different variables. Do you have the contact details for your broker, please? It'd be great to see what you get, in case it's different to the others. Many thanks!
  7. Thanks, Richard. Yes - I was still working on it, but only had 3 deals to compare anyway. One of the reasons I put 5 potential deals in there is - for the same reasoning around searching for properties - I wanted to be able to see MORE deals in a QUICKER timeframe by having a funnel. I usually gloss over and give up after a few deals! Re the TCF - yes, I would probably refinance but I usually get too bogged down in these variables and end up not doing anything - or getting distracted! This way, at least there's some sort of progress in the right direction... Every time I update my own version, I'll update the public link above too. Thanks for the link - will check it out now.
  8. Ha, maybe so! I've sent them the above link (Page 20) and asked for further clarification. Interestingly, I called HMRC regarding this... and got two different answers... Almost as bad as dealing with Universal Credit!! I'll update the forum with the latest in due course...
  9. Hi all, I've just queried this very same thing with my solicitor and they confirmed that the FIRST property in the limited company is NOT subject to the additional SDLT rate. I came on here to see what you all think - which is to the contrary! So I can challenge my solicitor, does anyone have the actual legislation around this? I can't find any definite confirmation online. Cheers all, Nick
  10. Realised this couldn't wait. If anyone wants a copy, see here:- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VTY9yaIKKHba8wc9IaVbVxRCH3AtKihfWYbprMd1wDE/edit?usp=sharing If there are any errors/suggestions/tweaks, please let me know.
  11. Hi everyone, I assume/hope that I'm not the only person who's head spins when comparing mortgage deals? I've been looking around for (preferably) a Google Sheet that can let you easily input the details from the KFI document to compare the best deal both for now and over the duration of the mortgage. I simply cannot find one! I can find brand-specific calculators but they're not in a simple/clean format, that I can input my own data fields into. They also only compare deals that they are offering, and not ones I'm being offered elsewhere. Before I spent too long making my own, does anyone have anything similar like this that I could copy, please? Muchos thanks in advance! Nick
  12. Hi Matt, Just shared a basic one on another post here:- http://thepropertyhub.net/forum/topic/7931-liverpool-rental-yields/?do=findComment&comment=32202
  13. Hi Toby, Good choice going for Liverpool...! Letting Agents I can recommend Homesure as letting agency because... well because it's our company! With regards to fees, remember it's just about the fee - it's about the service. Even a low-cost deal can be a poor-value deal... You can compare the service of agents using AllAgents, TrustPilot, Google, Rated Agent, etc. Landlord Licensing You're spot on about being tied in. Not ideal. One thing to bear in mind is that licence is backdated to when you first bought it (or 1st April 2015 if you already owned it) so there's a shorter time period left. The other issue is that the Licence Holder should be "the most relevant person". In most instances, this would be whoever is managing the property. To make the best decision, you need to read the Licensing Conditions and see whether you feel you can deliver on the promises (or whether you need an agent to do so). Insurances You can insure against most things these days. Depends on what you're buying and - most importantly - who you're renting it out to. You can get different levels of RGI too. Some will just pay for the legal process of evicting the tenant (and not give you any rent), or you can get nil excess cover all the way (and sometimes after!) regaining possession. Like most insurances, you're paying for peace of mind so you need to put a price on it. Like all insurances; it feels like a waste of money when you don't claim on it! Refurbishments We project manage refurbishments and use our own contractors. Feel free to get in touch, or if you're just looking for numbers of contractors to project manage yourself, MyBuilder, CheckATrade, RatedPeople etc., are a good place to start. Spreadsheets We've got loads of spreadsheets!! I'm in the process of doing a blank, publicly available one. Let me know if you want me to send it to you. 8% Areas Speke, Garston, Halewood, and Aigburth. Accountant We use Mark Wrigglesworth of ERC Accountants.
  14. Hi Darren, I've made a copy for you here:- http://bit.ly/Investment_Evaluator You'll have to save it to your own drive to use. Have fun! Nick
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