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    I'm 15 and want to learn as much about property as I can before beginning property investing when i'm 18.
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    Would love to build up a healthy portfolio of BTLs.
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    I haven't had any experience as I'm 15 but I'm learning about property and am doing well at school particularly in maths.
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    To buy my first property when i'm 18.
  1. Thanks Matt, To be honest a property investment Youtube channel did get me into property investment at first, but I've now started learning about property through books, the property podcast, and other things like Property Hub university. There's only one Youtube channel I watch about property investment now, and that is 'Samuel Leeds'. He seems pretty trustworthy, but I have my doubts when he starts talking about his >£1000 courses. Anyway, cheers for the advice
  2. Hi, I'm 15 and have wanted to be a property investor since I was 14. I've been reading books, watching videos, and listening to podcasts to start learning about property. I've heard that one of the best ways to learn, however, is by working in the industry. I also would like a job besides my occasional leaflet delivering, to start saving up for my first investment (hopefully when I'm 18). Although, I'm quite stuck on where on earth to start looking, and what sort of job to go for. Where and how should I look for a job? Thanks
  3. I've heard people say that rent to rent is a 'scam' and 'doesn't work'. I don't understand why people say this, does anyone agree? Or can you make a successful business out of it? Also, by the way how does you get rid of this quote thing below?
  4. I've heard people mention ISAs but I don't understand what they are. Can someone please give me an example?
  5. What would you tell your 15 year old self? I'm lucky enough to be 15 and already know I want to get involved with property. I love the idea of working for myself, and have got really interested in property investment (obviously I'm also interested in earning loads of money). Please give me advice on how I can learn about property and how and when I should take my first steps.
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