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  1. With just a few minutes search, I found https://www.ila-connect.co.uk/director-or-personal-guarantee/ mentioned a few times in the forum. I've booked some time with a solicitor for next week, so I'll update here for anyone who else who's going through the same.
  2. @mrmore, did you manage to find a reasonably priced solicitor? I'm in the same position, so recommendations would be welcome!
  3. Hi @matty c, it will need to be under the legal entity owned by the property. If you're taking over an existing tenancy, you will also need to update deposit protection scheme details too.
  4. Hi Hubbers, Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced conveyancer and how much this would typically cost? Thanks in advance! Apologies if this question has already been posted previously. Couldn't find anything previously on the forum.
  5. Hi Hubbers! I hope everyone is well? I'm in the process of buying a property through a Ltd I have setup. Mortgage offer came in recently (yay!), so it is with the solicitor. They have requested the below. Is there a template or resource someone could point me to? Thanks in advance!
  6. I was in the same position. I received contradictory advice from two reputable broker firms. Put yourself in the lenders position; would you lend to a person with no regular income? Let's just say you had income from a BTL (regardless of individual or Ltd/SPV), lenders would like to see a trading history before lending. It's not impossible to get a mortgage, your options are just limited (though I'd love to be proven otherwise). Good luck!
  7. Hi there, Keen to understand the process/steps from switching residential mortgage to BTL, players and typical fees here. Considerations I have so far: Conveyancer (Broker fee, application fee, lender fee, survey etc.) SDLT CGT Revisions for AST and landlord insurance I may be overcomplicating matters, though it would be great to get confirmation/hear from others who have gone through the process. Stay safe and Many Thanks!
  8. Thank you for taking the time to respond, Lillia! My friend has sought advice from a broker, though they appear to be stuck in the mud. Is there a specialist type of broker they should be searching for? Expat, for example? Trying to find reputable ones can be challenging, so any names or leads would be great! I neglected to mention that they are looking at property's in excess of £1m, so I would imagine they would need a larger deposit to offset risk for the lender. Many Thanks (again)!
  9. Hi Hubbers! Looking for some advice/guidance on behalf of a friend. The friend is an EU national looking to get a residential mortgage, from a lender in the UK, to purchase their first property in the UK. They have property in their homeland and their source of income is mainly through dividends. From a search online, I found the following (My friends situation)... They're speaking with a broker at the moment, though their options look slim to none, so I'm looking to understand: What other options there may be They are looking to use part of the property as their own office space for a company they are looking to setup. Are there any considerations that they should be made aware of? e.g. Tax implications/breaks, insurances etc. Many Thanks Kalok
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