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  1. thanks, can you refer me to the magazine issue date that talks about Norris green?
  2. How can I get the magazine? How's your investment in norris green is doing so far?
  3. Thanks for the detailed answer, highly appreciated! Out of those companies what would you choose for next finance? Can you please share the lenders name? Was it 1 lender or multiple?
  4. positive cashflow with buffers is super important but also BMV and force appreciation on top of a good area for tenants to be able to pull out your deposit for next purchase. I agree that CG is hard to predict and it should be considered as the icing on the cake but it's also important to take it into account as it will allow to pull out most of our equity or even all.
  5. would love to hear recommendations on great mortgage brokers specialized in expat
  6. why not saying what broker did well with you?
  7. Great question, also interested in the answers. Anyone can help?
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