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  1. Yes we can’t predict the future and things can change. I am please to see you are perusing a similar strategy but maybe the risk that this may not be viable in 25 years is to much for me. I am setting up a LTD company for the sole purpose of purchasing property and aim to purchase one every two years to begin with. As Andrew pointed out I will provide myself as guarantor to begin with as I cover the threshold for income. I would not be withdrawing anything as I have a solid job that I will be in for at least another 15 years. It all just hinges on the exit strategy, and as of
  2. This is something I had not thought about. Would just have to be carful around cash flow issues.
  3. Hi all, Hope you are all doing well given the current events in the world. I am dipping my toes into educating myself in property investment and taking in as much information as i can but I have one question that my brain needs a definitive answer to. When purchasing property through a limited company with an interest only mortgage can you essentially re-mortgage over and over again at the end of every 25 year period? So as you grow older and your mortgage term comes around, you just re-mortgage then pass the company onto your heirs. They the become the director with say
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