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  1. Hi Derek, as far as I can see the agreement would fall under the ATS but it's not clear that the developer would also cover the council tax. Is this something I'd agree with them?
  2. Thanks for your feedback Derek. I will be sure to check the above.
  3. Hi all, The property developer that I am buying from has offered to rent the house as a showhome for another development locally which will be the same. I don't know the terms yet but I've never heard of this. Is it a good idea? What questions should I be asking? Anything to be aware of? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hello, I'm looking for some recommendations of mortgage brokers that specialise in mortgages for expats or at least are highly knowledgeable about them. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks, MD
  5. Hi all, I have to admit I knew nothing about buying property a few months ago as I have never bought one. Property hub has helped me understand a few basics things and given me the confidence to invest which I'll definitely do now. However, I still need to research areas and decide a few details about my strategy. Before ten years time I plan to have 3 properties with a 70% focus on yield and 30% on growth, I feel like this seems too ambitious but I should be able to easily raise 3 good deposits in this time. Unfortunately I work in travel so the future is uncertain but keen to conn
  6. Hi all, Nice reading that there are expats at the beginning of the journey. I'm a Brit in Singapore too, maybe we should a little property hub group in Singapore to help each other out. I was in the middle of my first property purchase before the UK lockdown hit, it's still on hold but actually I've learnt so much more since then so currently reviewing options. Can you guys recommend a good UK mortgage broker for expats? Thanks!!
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