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    Unless you're buying it cash, check with your mortgage advisor, as the mortgage company might not like it as it's not an AST
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    Great, thanks. I've emailed you. 
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    I'm looking for some recommendations of mortgage brokers that specialise in mortgages for expats or at least are highly knowledgeable about them. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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    Hi all,
    I have to admit I knew nothing about buying property a few months ago as I have never bought one. Property hub has helped me understand a few basics things and given me the confidence to invest which I'll definitely do now. However, I still need to research areas and decide a few details about my strategy. Before ten years time I plan to have 3 properties with a 70% focus on yield and 30% on growth, I feel like this seems too ambitious but I should be able to easily raise 3 good deposits in this time. 
    Unfortunately I work in travel so the future is uncertain but keen to connect with anyone really, especially anyone else based in SIngapore!
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