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  1. By the way, how are you doing now? Was the strategy working? I tried with ETFs https://tickertable.com/best-fidelity-etfs/ and then found out that there is a possibility of a stock renewal. In general, I only work with a $ 1000 scheme. In general, there is some positive result for 12 years of investment. Although I started investing even earlier from school, buying government bonds, there was a period of investing in mutual funds and it was from this period that I began to get acquainted with the stock market. Previously, I tried to regularly rebalance the portfolio, selling something that see
  2. Hello Phil, Hope you don't mind my activating this thread, but I'm curious about what ended up happening with you? I'm in the same situation (my property investment has failed me) and now I'm looking into ecommerce fulfillment with my property - basically trying to find other options. Are you still in the game? I know it's highly dependent on the real estate bubble. Have you managed to get a bit of cash flow in property flipping? (how did you find the experience?) Really hope I can get some answers Thank you for your post Jacob
  3. Do you think it is worth investing in Spanish holiday properties now? It seems to me that Spain is just a very highly publicized country that inflates the prices of its real estate. There are a huge number of Myrtle Beach homes for sale that are no worse than homes in spain. If I had a choice, then I would not want to move to Spain, as this is a really big expense both for real estate and for flights. Guys who have real estate in spain, can you share your feedback on this? Do you regret it or are you glad? How often do you go there on vacation? It would be really interesting for me to hear you
  4. Hey, man! I was planning to do the same. Yes, this type of loan will be difficult to take. The broker with whom you consulted was right. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get a loan from us. I was faced with a situation where it was necessary to take out a business loan. I didn't have much money, but I wanted to take out a loan add it to my money and start my own business. But it turned out that while I don't have a business, I am considered unemployed and can't take out loans. I started looking and found a company that gives doorstep loans 4 unemployed. A month later, I launched my o
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