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    Newbie to the property investment scene, still in the gathering information stage and generating funds.
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    Professional lets, Rent to Rent and Flipping are the main interests.
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    Learn new skills / branch out into another area.
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    Mainly sports, in the form of football and golf.

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  1. Hi Reggie, I've debated it myself but not taken it any further. The main thing to note is that you need to be compliant. A good place to start, if you haven't done much research: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZPOdh3qzIU Would be interested to hear how you get on. Good luck! Ben
  2. Hi Vinny, The main question would be, how long can you and your family survive on your savings (and any income (wife's salary/rental income) for? Have you calculated all your outgoings per month? Could you work another job into your passion, maybe look into working for a local estate agent to increase your property and local knowledge? Starting another job will no doubt help financially but could end up causing more stress (learning new company policies, ways of working, clients etc) and then distract you from the end goal. I would definitely get networking in the local
  3. Hi Izaak, Lifetime ISAs can only be used for residential mortgages, where you plan on living in the property. Are you talking about switching the mortgage on that same property to a BTL mortgage somewhere down the line? See the article below. Or do you mean a completely separate property? If it's a completely separate property I wouldn't worry at all. This article is a few years old but should still make sense/apply: https://blog.moneysavingexpert.com/2016/04/can-you-rent-out-a-home-bought-with-a-help-to-buy-isalifetime-isa/ Thanks, Ben
  4. Hi @lallu You may have to consider different areas of London or maybe even delaying the purchase? Have you considered what it would take to get a pay rise and or promotions to help with the mortgage application? Maybe speaking with your employer and highlighting it is affecting your mortgage application might help in defining a clear career path for you (and help with a timeline). Are there any side hustles you can start, to improve the deposit? Reviewing your outgoings and cutting anything that isn't a priority or helping to get to your goal of a property? Depending on you
  5. Hi, I found the podcast during lock-down and have been listening ever since - thanks Rob and Rob. The hardest thing is finding information or advice on networking with (local) like minded people so have decided to just jump in here. Actually just completing on our first house to live in. So now want to learn more about all the other potential options and venture further into the property world. I'm currently based in London both living (South East) and working (Central). Looking for networking recommendations and to network with people in London and Kent (originally from he
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