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    Spain (Soon to be returning to GB)
  • Areas I invest in
    Looking to invest in the North East
  • About me
    Single expat, enjoying the life but more recently focussed on creating wealth and financial freedom in the long term. I am currently enjoying learning what i can and seeing my strategy evolve, will take the plunge from 2021 on.
  • Property investment interests
    Current interests are mainly BTL's which will be bought under a SPV. However, I intend to link up with others with similar interests and goals in the future, to hopefully be involved in bigger scale property development.
  • My skills
    I'm an electrician by trade but have not been in the domestic industry for 10years, nothing a brush up to current regs won't fix. Plus I have site experience and my brother is a builder. Construction has run in my family for the past few generations.
  • My goals
    Goals range from short to long term at this stage, but the general theme is to use my cash savings to acquire 20+ BTL properties over the next 10 years. This will provide the option of scaling down my current career from 45yrs old by generating a passive income through property.
  • Interests outside property
    I like to keep fit, ride bikes, spend time with friends and anything that provides a challenge, be it physically or mentally.

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  1. Hi, Thanks for the response, that's great. I will need to adapt and change yes, inevitably making mistakes. I just wanted to put the general gist out there to see if it had potentially any disastrous flaws, I guess i'll keep trying to learn what I can this year and then see how I go. .... there's no substitute for experience, so thanks for sharing yours. All the best.
  2. Hi All, I've been using 14days in an isolation hotel to research, educate and prioritise my investment strategy, to ensure a secure and free future. This forum has been trailed, books read and umpteen brilliant Podcasts listened to, so thanks firstly to Rob + Rob for their inspirational effort and to everyone else involved on this forum! Background: I'm a single 34yr old expat, but although I live abroad it's not essential to my job, so I now intend to move back to the UK at the end of this tax year. Seemingly a hard decision to ponder, but when taking advice and simply w
  3. Hi all, Great to see people in the same boat and sharing similar goals! I'm an expat currently living in Spain, no real plans to move back to the UK any time soon however I work remotely so work doesn't require my Spanish residency... more of a lifestyle choice. I have no property at this time but am educating myself and working numbers to work out my long term + short term goals. Briefly: I want to invest in UK BTL's, with the end goal of having the option to replace my current job in approx 10 years time. (34yrs old as we speak) I'm aiming to buy at least one, possibly t
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