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  1. Sounds good to me. You can always make an offer on a struggling HMO with higher void.. however with good returns HMO that only thing that may put them off would be, if there is still a mortgage on the property The reason is that most HMO owners are property investors and would like to reinvest in another property.. Unless you can find a retiring investor..
  2. Hello all. I have two young children 10 and 12. I want to build up a property portfolio slowly. I have 2 residential properties all paid off about 60k each. My plan is to move my residential properties into separate LTDs each, then buy a commercial property in 3rd company costing about 90k cash that I will be using for my business as an office. I am okay with managing companies and filing etc. My plan is to keep every property in an individual company i.e. 50 Properties in their own 50 SPV LTD so it is easy to transfer to my kids or anyone/buyers. No planning to sell any of the property though. I am planning to buy 50 properties in next 10 years. [It will cost me £13 a year per company to manage] And i need to have control over these companies/properties. Anyone here could please share their strategy. Does my plan look viable? What would you suggest. Thanks