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  1. Hi all, I am new to property investment, and currently weighing up strategies for the coming years for my new business. I am set on BTL's for now but may try to obtain a Holiday let as I am based in the Lake District and believe there will be an increased demand for domestic Holiday's post covid. About myself, I am a Director at a father-son fire safety business based predominantly in the North West but do subcontract for nationwide companies. I have been in the industry for several years and have achieved Associate status with the Institute of Fire Engineers with me also being on track t
  2. Hi all, I have a question about investing and using others peoples money. How do you do it when the mortgage lenders are not inclined to lend on “loaned money”? Is it because people use bridging first of all then remortgage? I had retained profits in my Fire Safety business and was advised by several mortgage brokers that I could not use a business to business loan as a deposit (due to the directors being different). This essentially led me to having to take a pay cut this year and absorbing 7.5% tax on the start up money. I have recently started a SPV LTD company and have 20k t
  3. Hi All, Thank you very much for your advice and response. It seems that Starling wins the forum vote. I have set up an account and I am waiting for the checks to go through.
  4. Hi, Does anyone have recommendations for a business bank account for a SPV LTD company owned by me and my fiancé? Starling seems good as it is free, I currently have Lloyd’s business account which has fees. Will be our first investment with an aim to acquire 5 properties in 5 years. Many thanks. niall
  5. Hi Simon I have scheduled a call through your website for this afternoon.
  6. Hi DerekT I am a director at my current business and have a family member who is my senior director. My new business will involve me and my partner.Will this adversely affect things? I am obviously going to have weigh up the costs as I’m assuming specialist finance arrangements may have significant fees and it may be better taking the money as dividends absorbing the tax and loaning it to the new business (affectively taking a pay cut for a couple financial years to keep me under the upper tax limit). I am setting up an SPV with sic code 68209 with a strategy to purchase vanill
  7. Hi Please can anyone advise if it is possible to use a business to business loan as a BTL mortgage deposit? I am the director of both businesses so can set favourable terms when it can be paid back. I have spoken with 2 independent mortgage brokers who says lenders won’t accept it yet several helpful forum members who said you can.
  8. Hi John, Thank you for your response. I occasionally work in care homes and I am of the opinion that is about life extension not quality of life!
  9. Hi all, I am struggling to put together how this would be achieved and the legality behind it so any input is much appreciated. My grandmother has suffered with dementia for a long time and unfortunately she has recently gone into care. My mother and auntie, who are power of attorney, have decided to sell her house to pay for future care. Without sounding heartless (I have many fond memories at her home), I am currently setting up a SPV LTD company with an aim to acquire BTL properties and wondered if I could capitalise on this as an investment property which genuinely nee
  10. Hi TaxAntics, Thank you for your reply I will look into group company structure. Do you recommend anyone that I can speak to? I think the main thing would be how best to get the funds available to be used as a deposit. My current Mortgage Broker advised me that no lender would touch me if I had used money from a loan to get a mortgage?!?!
  11. Good evening, I apologise for how long winded I feel this may be. I feel like I am all over the spot and would appreciate the type of professionals that I could use to achieve my goals (accountant with experience in property investing, tax adviser etc) and even better specific companies who would be recommended. Ok, so I am currently a director of a ltd company which includes me and my senior director based in the North West. We have had a good few years business and have managed to survive lockdown with a reasonable pot of money in the business account. We have decided to take
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