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  1. Hi all, Anyone here know much about the MCOL / small claims court process? I've got as far as "Notice of Judgement Entered" but not sure what happens next.. The situation follows a deposit deductions dispute, couldn't reach agreement on deductions directly with the tenant so had to refer to TDS. However due to various things happening in my life I only managed to get round to submitting the dispute to them online on the last day - and it took WAY longer than expected spending many hours on this, I ended up finishing the process and submitting an hour after midnight.. which TDS then refused to adjudicate due to being too late! So TDS say I need court order via small claims court now aka Money Claim Online for them to release the deposit. Now what needs to be done to get said court order now that I've got as far as this notice of judgement? All I've read so far is as clear as mud and TDS are about as useful as a chocolate teapot as usual.. Suggestions / links much appreciated! Thanks, Justin
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